Ecol Tactics Online Formation Combos Guide

Ecol Tactics Online Formation Combos Guide by Nalica

List any combinations you find here and I will do my best to update. Note: Combos are created with basic attacks.

Format I will be using is as follows:

Class specific Abbreviations:

Fighter: F
Archer: A
Mage: M
Cleric: C

Enemy Direction (if required): < > v ^ : If no enemy direction is necessary: X

Attacker that starts combo: 1
Location of mercs : 2
Empty space : 0

Rear Support (merc positioned at the rear facing back of the enemy, enemy facing attacker)

Dark Assault (any of the three can initiate the combo, but all must be facing enemy, enemy direction is not a known factor)
Note: Causes Darkness (reduces the targets chance to hit)

Knockback Support (mercs positioned behind attacker, all facing the enemy)
Note: Archer ranged attack might work to initiate combo IE: 22A0X (not tested)

Knockback Combo (attacker knocks enemy into mercs melee range causing the merc to attack the enemy, merc will need to be facing the appropriate direction)


where 1 causes the enemy to knock back too

and 2 hits them

Archer Combo (my favourite so far, archer is positioned behind and off to the side of the attacker, melee or another archer can create the combo, but the archer must be facing the enemy)

If anyone else has discovered combos feel free to post them and I will update ASAP.

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