Ecol Tactics Online Common Problems Solutions

Ecol Tactics Online Common Problems Solutions by Kolgi

Slow load times? Timeouts while loading? Game freezing?

STEP 1: Refresh the page and try playing again.

  • If that doesn’t work, move on to Step 2.

STEP 2: Clear your browser’s cache and restart the browser.

STEP 2: Check your internet connection to make sure it is running fine.

  • Close any programs that may be downloading and/or uploading any data and try playing again.
  • Reboot your router, modem, and computer as a last resort.

Get disconnected while in the first battle?

  • …To re-enter a battle, open the Quest Window while in town (press ‘Q’), click on the quest name (first quest is called “The Beginning of a Journey”), then click the ‘Start Battle’ button.


Don’t know how to recharge BP for your Mercenaries?

  • Use an ‘Hourglass’ or ‘Strength Chalice’ item
  • Go to an Inn and recharge BP for your specific Mercenary

Need to get rid of Mercenaries that have timed out?

  • You’ll have to fire them to remove them from your list. Only afterwards will you be able to rehire another Mercenary.

Founding Member? Wondering when you get your in-game and physical items?

  • Items for Founding Members will be given out during OBT.

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