Ecol Tactics Online Turn Order Guide

Ecol Tactics Online Turn Order Guide by Colbeagle

In Ecol Tactics the turn order is as followed:

  • Start Turn: The first available character is selected at random to go first.
  • Movement 1: Allows character to move a maximum number of squares as set by their individual character stat. This step is optional
  • Action : Allows characters to perform normal attacks, active skills, use items, or wait which means no action will be taken by the character.
    • Normal Attacks – Deal damage with characters weapon, damage is affected by weapon statistics and character strength. All weapons except bows are melee range, which means they can only attack squares sharing a side with the square the character is standing
    • Skills – These are active skills which affect either enemies, allies or the character. Skills can deal damage, heal damage, add or remove status effects either positive or negative.
    • Items – Items are similar to skills however they are consumed on use. Items can deal damage, heal, add or remove status effects.
    • Wait – Wait can be used following all other actions if Movement 1 was not performed. Wait can also be used after Movement 1 when no other actions are performed.
  • Movement 2: If Movement 1 was not performed, and if a character performed an action besides Wait, characters can move a maximum number of squares following attack, skill use, or item use as set by their individual character stat.
  • Turn Ends: After all steps have been performed the turn ends and the next available characters turn begins. If no enemies remain, or the goal / failure requirement of the battle is reached the battle is ended and rewards are issued to the player or players.

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