Dungeon Defenders Temple O’ Love NMHC Guide

Dungeon Defenders Temple O’ Love NMHC Guide by draemn

Overview of entire build – All reflect beams are 1 DU


South portion male side: Gas + proximity mine (slight stagger) with a 3 DU wall and 4 DU buff.
Female side: minion wall with 4 archers and a 4 DU. Triple aura stack in middle(ish).


Mid-south male side (stairs): 3 archers on a 4 DU buff + 3 DU physical wall to prevent squires from running up.
Mid-south female side: 4 archers on a 4 DU buff (place them well so no female archers slip past), gas trap and mage minion to heal both walls. Triple aura stack can be placed either below or up top (shown below).


North male side: 3 DU wall (looks like a shark moved it in that screenshot, sorry) + proximity mine + 2 archers on a 4 DU buff. May need to fix wall after shark wave.
North female side: 4 archers on a 4 DU buff.

1st build phase: Make auras and traps (not show, but make an additional gas trap under the south auras and sell after first wave). Make beams if you have time left and extra mana from secret room.

1st combat phase: Summon all minions (have your team delay killing if required)

2nd build phase:Make all EV beams, will need to continue building in combat phase.

3rd build phase: Make anything you missed and make sure all minions are on buffs.

**** Note, this build requires very large aura range when buffed. > 2k range is suggested with > 1.58x range multiplier on your buff beams.

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