Dungeon Defenders Insane Spooktacular Guide

Dungeon Defenders Insane Spooktacular Guide by Myxx

NOTE: This build is pre-7.09. I still have yet to test how it holds up against the new mob hps. If anyone does before I get to it, post here. Otherwise, I’ll be testing this across my dps characters and seeing how it’s changed, if much at all.

NOTE 2: Wow. Just ran this and holy cow. The HP increase across the board for insane has made this nuts on my setup. The DPS simply cannot keep up with the amount of mobs with so much HP. Ogres now havea >140k hp and warriors 22k. Now, because of the increase in their hp, they can just run past my towers damage and they manage to get on a tower or two and really mess it up, or myself. The ogres and big goblins seem to be taking much, much longer to kill, thereby making the warrior problem even worse. Ouch is all I can say. I’ll need to rethink an entirely new setup, probably one with str drain and defensive units.

Hey guys, I just figured I would post my setup for insane spook here. I originally made this as a post for someone asking for help, but I was asked to put it in here for everyone to benefit. To start, I would like to note that I am a firm believer that there is not just one or a few ways of doing this successfully. This is just a way that I found to work rather effectively, and I would encourage anyone to make changes as you see fit; experiment with your ideas – they very well may bear fruit to a much better and smoother build. If you do, please post your thoughts/changes/comments here!

Man, I hope you’re ready for this. Pics for my entire setup. It’s not perfect; a few towers might go down at the end of wave 11, depending on if you’re on a heavy dps character or not. However, I manage to keep overall crystal damage to a very minimal amount. Almost 100% of crystal damage is the insignificant amount of splash damage that happens from the ogre ball of snot.


A note about stats: You don’t need these stats, but you should aim for something like 175+ tower damage for both your monk and your apprentice to not have too much trouble with this.



Starting Out

Start on your monk to lay down auras, and then switch to App for the towers. Monk Auras go up in the order they are presented. Also – be aware that the size of your monk auras will probably be different than mine! You should adjust appropriately so they take as much of a lane as possible. With my setup, I have my south bridge pulling double duty by the top hitting the air bridge. The west auras are slightly on the roof enough to get about 1/2-3/4 of the mobs running down in the aura.

Apprentice Towers

Final look at the map before for the first wave

Second Wave and Beyond

The goal here is to start setting up while the mana comes in, so you can be 100% setup by the start of the third wave and you can be on your dps/whatever character. If you don’t make it, don’t worry. You just need to be wary of warriors because of your most likely low hp and their uncanny ability to 1 shot you and then rape your towers. Be aware of where you are and where warriors are. If you die behind towers without other towers protecting them, you’ve effectively ruined your own defenses.

These are setup in whatever order fits you best.

Finally, the final setup of the map, after all your towers are out and you max at 150/150 DU.

A note about warriors and positioning:

Well, the only area I truly had issues with warriors dropping in and wrecking me/towers is the very middle area. I fight that by facing two MM turrets inward, facing south, towards the three stopping the southern air bridge and the wyrvens. North I almost never have issues with warriors because I have no reason to go up there – this setup holds north perfectly until the 11th wave, where one or two of the northwest towers might go down.

Warriors end up wrecking towers if you either a) get really unlucky or b) place yourself in a position where they can jump to you, risking you walking away with them on your towers, them landing on you and doing damage to your towers, three raping you and then raping your towers after your death. A big part of the whole level, at least with my setup, with positioning yourself properly during the waves. When you’re repairing/upgrading towers, you need to be outside them, where any warriors coming at you will get promptly killed, or at the very least won’t end up sitting within towers. This is particularly an issue the 10th wave. Also, you need to know that earlier on in the level, more warriors come out of the roof to the east, meaning you need to be protecting that area or luring warriors away from those mid area towers. The MM towers protecting can work, but not if 2-3 warriors run up to the three setup facing south. Finally, the last wave you have ogres spawning many places. Your towers will hold fine, but you need to start your attention facing the air bridges and the south spawn point – most ogres start there. After the first couple hundred mobs come out, you need to run top and clear middle-west, because that has the highest spawn of ogres late-early to middle of the round. Finally, you need to pay attention to the air bridges for any possible ogres making it through on that southern path and any middle-west. Near the end of the round, it’s important to know that warriors spawn by the boatload in the middle roof spawn.

On a final note: my setup is, again, not perfect by any means. I highly encourage you to experiment with tower and aura locations, especially if you have ideas that something might work better! Anyway, I wish you luck!

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