Dungeon Defenders Hardcore Mythical Defender Achievement Guide

Dungeon Defenders Hardcore Mythical Defender Achievement Guide by Dax

Take note that this achievement is not something you should try with low-med stats.
Here are my minimum stat recommendations:

Towers: 400 / 800 / 300 / 500
Auras: 500 / 700 / 600 / 300

Any DPS Hero: 500 / 400 / 100 / 100

The monk needs at least 600 in Aura Size otherwise the auras will be too small for certain placements.
All of your DPS character’s resistances need to be 60+% while in Nightmare Mode, (90% in regular difficulties). DPS minimum should be 400k. Hero Damage stat is irrelevant, so long as you deal more than 400k DPS, it just helps you reach that.

If you completed any of these missions prior to patch 7.16 then you must redo them without dying on the now-recorded Hardcore mode.


  • Bonus: Glitterhelm Caverns Anarial’s Solution:
  • Just tried this with a 71 in the game with me, started at 5.4 million XP, ended up at 8.0 million XP after a single run. She died on nearly every wave, and on the final wave we took a single hit to an Eternia Crystal from an Archer (so she missed 5 30% multipliers in total, and the Flawless Victory bonus which is worth ~120k on Nightmare).2.6 million XP for what’s a pretty bad run is not bad at all. Some pretty good loot too as I did it on Hardcore (I’d say a bit better than Endless Spires, on par with Mistymire 9/10). Reckon you could get 3.5+ million XP out of a good run. Will test again after I’ve tweaked my build a bit to deal with Spiders better and post it here.

    We each earned 35 million mana for the run.

    DISCLAIMER: This build isn’t finished yet, it’s not AFKable and has only been tested with the builder + 1 boostee present so far.

    This is the build as it stands at the moment.

    Apprentice Tower stats: 386 / 897 / 656 / 901
    Aura Monk stats: 698 / 552 / 580 / 302

    It still has a few issues, the southern Eternia Crystal is fine if you’re solo, but add an extra player and the Spiders overwhelm the anti-air defenses and Wyverns will hit the Crystal sometimes. An Archer will also snipe the southern crystal from time to time as well. I had tried a Magic Missile covering the stairs but found it didn’t kill fast enough to prevent damage, so tried a Fireball instead. The Fireball kills the non-immune fast enough, but lets the side down if the Archer is fire immune, meaning the crystal will take hits until the MM behind the crystal gets into range.

    I strongly recommend using a Genie to spam upgrades until Wave 9, otherwise you’ll be running around like a headless chicken trying to repair everything. It’s not such a problem when soloing, but if you’re boosting you’ll probably need the extra mana.

    At wave 9, swap to an Apprentice Guardian to melt Ogres. 

DISCLAIMER: For your safety, all builds provided here include a Healing Aura. You can substitute this for a Fireball Tower at your own discretion, should you decide you don’t need one. I accept no responsibility for any mental instability, disfiguring injuries, and/or deaths incurred through deviation, or lack thereof, from prescribed instructions.

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