Dungeon Defenders The Throne Room Apprentice Strategy Guide

Dungeon Defenders The Throne Room Apprentice Strategy Guide by NinjamanIC23

This got me to lvl 20+ on survival. In the middle are 2 fireball, 2 deadly striker, and 2 magic missile. One thing you have to be sure of is that the barricades are far enough from the crystals/strikers that they don’t take any splash damage from kobolds. On the area above the second crystal, you just have to angle the fireball towers right and then it’ll all be good. The lighting tower shocks things so the fireball towers can usually take the enemies out before they have a chance to touch the towers. On the wings, just make sure you check every once in a while that your towers/blockades are healed and to loot stuff, pick off wizards, etc. In terms of upgrading towers, do the ones above the crystal first, then the deadly striker towers for range. Range is important so you can kill things before they damage your defenses/core. As for your character, just stay around the crystals and check your map to make sure you can go out and get any kobolds that are coming down the aisles. Other than that, just make sure you loot everything (or just the stuff over 1k mana), and sell after each wave if you can. You should be able to “sell all in tavern” when you first open up the item box during build phase. The most important thing is to keep towers repaired and upgraded, and kill kobolds early.

Copy this:

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Hope this helped Ask if you have any questions.

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