Asura Force Online Runes Basic Guide

Asura Force Online Runes Basic Guide by acmintz469

Here i am Sinon to talk about Rune.

if your asking yourself what are they well here i am to explain you, Runes are small fragments material that you need to gather so you can exchange them for small stones that will help you improve your character.

Here are example of what i am talking about, as you walk on your journey around the world of Asura Force, you’ll find different stones on the floor most likely like small meteor fragments that drop on the earth.

as you gather more youll be able to exchange them in the correct NPC there are many types, yellow, Azure, purple, pink, mars, venus, nine suns, sirius.

once you collect enough you as you collect or buy from others players, you can go to the Rune Goddess NPC located at Azure City for Chaos Tribe or Snow Snow City for Cosmos and trade the fragments you have so far gather for you use.

once here as you can talk to her you can see the variety of combination’s for you to choice.

and not only that you’ll be able to also get stone for your formations. and as you can see now the trade is peaty fair.

once you have your runes and what you want to do whit them, you have to apply them in the Rune Slate Window which you can access by pressing C and selecting the Force Tab on your character window. and is simple as drag and drop the rune on the wanted spot.

Super easy~! i hope this guide have been of great help for all of you. and ill see you in game~!

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