Asura Force Online Professions Guide

Asura Force Online Professions Guide by acmintz469

if you have wondering if Asura Force is like others game, well you can be sure we are Unique but something we all like and love to do is crafting, the profession of making items out of resources you’ll find out there on the wild.

Now here i am to teach you the basics about this living skill’s in AsuraForce.

at first you’ll have to find the NPC that will teach you this profession, as you can see in this next screenshot here are some or a example of them and by talking to them you’ll be able learn it for the cost of 80 Copper coins.

when you learn the profession’s you be able to see your progress and use them by pressing T on your keyboard like this.

after having this learned now you will need to gather resources to start your crafting, by easy going out to the wildness you’ll find different resources scatter around such as ore mines, stones, plants, and event air spot’s.

they will be show like this on the mini-map,

the orange dots on the mini-map are resources you can gather, red dots are monster so be careful!

Now Once you have your resources and want to start making items whit them, what shall we do? well that easy by opening your Skill window pressing T, you’ll be having access to your profession tab and there by clicking the profession you want to use a win will open to start crafting and making your items and as you gather more and more materials your living skill will be upgrading as well.

Well i hope you find this guide useful and you’ll be seen each other later make sure to PM in game if there anything you’ll miss.

Character: Sinon
Tribe: Chaos

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