Asura Force Online Basic Tips

Asura Force Online Basic Tips by Amanii

Tip #1
weapons & gears:
Blues are better then Green. but not always, it will vary on the level.
always check the stats + elemental defense before throwing something out of your bag.
Purple are better then both White/Green/Blue.
& of course Orange is the ultimate best.
Just remember to check before throwing.

Where to find Quests?
I am always asked where to find quest, because for some reason some people think they’re done questing.
Trust me questing never ends. simply press L and highlight/click on current suitable quests and you will be indulging over so many.

Tip #3
Where to find Guild quest?
Well first you’ll need to make sure that you’re in a guild.
-You need to also make sure that the guild you’ve joined owns a guild territory.
-If you have these two checked that’s great! all you need to do is to go to Azure city/ Snow city and look around for the npc named Guild Manager.
– trade with the npc, and buy a Guild return scroll.
– use the scroll & You’ll teleport to the guild territory.
-Step inside your guild territory and you should see 3 npcs, Guild Shop + Guild Warehouse + Guild wars.
-Guild warehouse should provide you with your guild quest that you can receive 3 times a day.

Tip # 4
How to level up faster?
There are dailies you can do to assure you level at least 1 time a day.
-Press L and highlight/click Profit quest These quest have perhaps the most experience, with doing very little effort.
– There’s also an event Nether Travel that you should look up, but you will need a team of 5 to complete the cave.
Point is, take quests that will reward you with more experience. You can check that out before accepting a quest.
Hi guys I’m hoping you find this guide helpful. Well for starters all characters Should follow the quest that are directed to them when you first join. It will be an on going quest train.

Tip #5
Picking up Runes.
When you start playing the game going out into the wilderness, you will stumble upon shiny object on the floor, that were not quite there before.
You may pick them up and they will be stored into your bag.

What are Rune pieces?
Rune pieces are the shiny objects that are on the floor when passing around cities. These rune pieces make up a rune.
In order to make a rune you need to head to Azure city or Snow city to talk to the NPC named Rune Goddess. She will supply a great amount of quests that indicates how many rune pieces needed and also what types are needed to create a certain rune. I personally haven’t made a rune quiet yet because it’s a tad bit difficult to attempt to level up and search for rune pieces. But you might be lucky and the piece might be laying right next to you while you quest. Don’t let that rune piece run away, snatch it while it’s hot. It will be very useful for you to start collecting to create  a rune skill.

Where to place my Rune skill?
Once you have created a rune, I’m not talking about a rune piece, I mean an actual rune. Meaning you’ve collected a bunch of pieces and went to the Rune goddess to create 1 rune. Then you press C and then the tab Force  and then Runes Slate. You right click your rune and hover it over one of the circles.

Why is my Rune not going into the circle?
Check to make sure you have your Force sprite leveled up to at least level ten.

Tip #6
Force Sprite:
First to be able to use your Force Sprite you must breed it, and make sure that you have equipped your blue weapon on.
Now Force spirit is best used while questing! and I mean questing an amount of 25-50 kills. It will help you kill mobs fast.

How to activate the force?
You will see a purple glowy circle at the center top of your screen, just left click it and attack a mob and it will start leveling up.
Once your sprite has leveled up there will be an arrow that you click that will continue at 0.00% for it level up to the next level.

it’s a waste of force, your force sprite will not increase in any percent while releasing it when fighting against a BOSS.

I see alot of people doing this mistake, and i don’t like to repeat myself over and over, so I hope you read this and learn from it ^_^

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