Asura Force Online Game Screen Guide

Asura Force Online Game Screen Guide by hokage

In this i shall explain the functions and basic things of the Asura Force game screen and where you may find some things that you may not have know or was wondering how to find certain things in the game.

—Skill Bar—-

The skill bar which can be seen in the picture above near the bottom of the gamescreen, on this bar you are able to put any skill and also potions and items that help you or you are able to use, you can are able to click the number that goes along with the skill or item to activate them without clicking on them.


Asura Force ingame map allows you to see monsters/players/npcs all around the area that your char is located at, also you are provided with a World map that allows you to look and see much father areas which also indicates some quest/instance that you can easily find them. The World Map also allows you to auto-path to the destination that you wish to travel to. Around the map it includes some functions such as mail, Formation, Instance reputation, Auction, Auto Fighting, and ranking.


The box includes several chat features such as normal area chat, tribe chat, team chat, guild chat, or whisper to talk about private things with your friends  The chat box allows you to track what other people are saying to you or about things that are going on in the game, you also can track what you get with the upper half of the chatbox and scroll to see what you’ve got on.


The team Area is where you are able to track your teammates stats such as their health or levels on which you can help them if they are close to dying if your just that kind or you can be mean and not help them. You also can see where they are on the map also you can see if they are near you or if they are far away from you,

—Char Info—

The char information area is where you can see what your stats are such as your level, your health, and how much stamina you got left before you run out. You also can click on the Pet information(v) which will allow you to check your pet information and stats and if need be feed it or any thing else you have to do with your pet.

—Item usage—

The item usage area tell you how much time you have left on any item you used that only lasts for a certain time limit before it runs out, items that would be shown here would be things like the “Senior Player Tittle” Which Anyone that played obt and got lvl 20 or above earned. It gives you a time limit and counts down as it is used.

—Spirit Force—

The spirit force is what you have to help you fight and defeat monsters, you gain a spirit force when you start the game and both tribes can gain one through a starter quest at the start of their gameplay, The spirit force will help fight other things.

—Mony tree event—

The money tree event is where you must be at level 25 and when you are you are able to fight and earn money and pots, to be able to earn these you must protect a treasure tree against pirates and captains that wish to steal all of the treasure.

—Monster Info—

The monster information is just like the char information and also the team char information which tells you information about levels and such as the same things as the char and team information dose tell about also.

—Quest Information—

The quest information box allows you to see all quests that you have and track them from how much you have done and how much you still need to complete on each of them, It also lets you autopath to some of the quest sites but not all of them let you. The quest information box also allows you to see nearby npcs and quests that you can accept at the time which really comes in handy to find quests.

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