Asura Force Online FP FAQ

Asura Force Online FP FAQ by darkphilious

There are 3 currencies used in Asura Force Online. They are gold, Asura point (AP) and Force point (FP). Gold can be obtained from quests. AP can be bought from the official website. FP can be obtained in a number of ways. This is a guide on how to obtain some FP. It is useful to have some FP with you to buy some items.

Here is a picture of where you can access Force point shop and items sold in the shop. As you can see, there are some useful items in Force point shop. Note that all of the items sold in the shop are bound (can only be used by you and cannot be traded).

There is Limit Items sold in Force point shop. These are items which can be found in Asura point shop. 4 limit items are shown every day. You can refresh the items once a day. Each of the limit items shown can be bought one time in a day. Refresh it to get different items everyday. (I suggest that if you have pet food in limit items, buy them as it comes in handy. They only cost 3 FP to buy. Pet food is hard to come by in the game.)

How to get FP?

1) Instance quests.

When you first enter an instance, you need to take the instance’s quest to get FP, which can be obtained at the entrance of every instance. Depending on the level of the instance, some FP will be rewarded (along with other rewards) after you finish each instance’s quest. The higher the level of an instance, the more FP you will get. Note that the quests can be taken once only.

2) Instance reputation.

When you enter an instance, you will get items where you can increase your instance reputation level. You can get reputation by defeating both monsters and bosses in an instance. Some monsters will drop the reputation items where you can just use to increase the reputation. Major bosses will also drop the items. Once you reach certain reputation level, you can get FP. For example in the picture, you can get FP if you have 90% reputation level.

3) AP shop.

This is simple. You can buy this bag from AP shop to obtain FP. (But I really don’t think people will want to convert AP to FP, as AP is more precious than FP, and AP shop has better items than FP shop.) EDIT: Actually, you’ll get 100 FP, not 50 FP, sorry for the misinformation. Thanks for correcting, I appreciate it. :)

4) Webgames.

You can play two games from the official website. Go to the game’s homepage, and scroll to the bottom until you see the link to Webgames shown below. You must log in to play the games. Each day, you can obtain 60 scores maximum. When your score reaches 500 points, exchange it with F-Point gift bag to get 50 FP.

5) Events:

Always check the website for events that will reward you with FP. Here is an example where you can get FP from events. An event where you can get FP may be in-game or out of the game. These events are useful because to me, it is the fastest and easiest way to gain FP. So make sure to use the website always to check for news and events. You never know when you’ll get lucky.

That’s all for FP. If anyone wants to add, feel free to do so. I might miss something. Thanks for reading.

In game name: Reiyon

Tribe: Chaos

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