Arcane Legends Warrior Builds Guide

Arcane Legends Warrior Builds Guide

Elite Tank Build by Ladykiss

I just hit 15 & started doing elites yesterday and everyone keeps asking me how I’m stopping the boss’s wind up. I’m obviously using Staggering Blow with Chest Splitter, but I’m wondering whether or not this is common knowledge. Anyway, it makes fighting elite bosses pretty easy and I may go through anywhere between 0-10 pots per boss depending on group make up and whether or not there are other healers.
You obviously need Flapjack for this build, but having Flapjack will allow you to forget about Vengeful Blood. On bosses I never windmill, in case I need to CS for an interrupt, but I feel it’s still good to have for packs of trash mobs regular & Elite alike. I think I’ll put the last point into Extended Reach, when I hit 16, but I’m really not sure yet. Please feel free to critique this build, even if it’s something like “You should be using Vengeful Blood and Ribbit instead.”

Chest Splitter
– Staggering Blow
– Increased Radius
– Blender
– Prolonged Spin
Axe Throw
– Denting Blow
– Blacksmith’s Touch
– Chained Bait
Horn of Renew
– Increase Duration
– Challenge
– Protective Shield

Tank Build by sirnew

Full STR

Skyward Smash 3/5
Thundering Hammer
Quaking Earth
Effortless Execution
Windmill 3/5
Increased Radius
Prolonged Spim
Vengeful Blood 5/5
All upgrade
Horn of Renew 3/5
Protective Shield
Increased Duration

Best pets

PvP Build by Kenoon

I’ve tested 1 build in pvp arena with the purpose to carry the flag to base.
If my team has another warrior with the same build, this build can carry the team to capture flag most of the time.

Skills to use would be:
Horn of Renew – learn duration and shield
Rally cry – learn all
Juggernaut – learn dmg reduce, self heal, remove impair status
Windmill – yes windmill. Learn duration & snare.
Passive – 5 points to movement speed
Gears wise: wear high dex low str full gears with dodge option.
You will have around 16~17% dodge rate base.
With buff, its total of 41~42% dodge rate.
As the level cap becomes available, with more powerful gears,
Warrior will become a dodge class instead.

How to carry the flag?

Basically, just run to enemy base and pick up the flag.
Use charged HoR first to run away with shield on.
Once HoR shield ended, activate charged Rally Cry.
You will gain dodge and movement speed buff.
Charge up Windmill while running, enemies will be very near to u to take u down thats why we never learn range.
Release charged Windmill to slow enemies
Once you get stun or frozen or slow or whatever,
use charged Juggernaut and continue to run.

By then HoR cooldown will be available and repeat.
Basically i was trolling in my run with 3~4 enemies chasing me while i’m running around like a clown. Lol

How to support flag carrier ally?
HoR them when their health is low.
Use charged windmill to slow enemies while your ally running the flag to base.
Give Rally Cry to give them movement speed and dodge buff.
Repeat. Yep, repeat. Skill rotation with timing is sufficient.

Hope this build helps.
Btw i tested this build just once and i logout after that.
Trolling but at least i enjoyed myself.
Peace out

Another PvP Build by Gassyllama

This has been working very well for me me k/d is great right now but I think I may experiment because certain rogues who know what they are doing are almost unstoppable.

1# When you see an enemy get close enough and use charged horn. AFTER they attack first to negate their skill damage with your heal.
2#Attack and spam skyward smash until horn runs out
3#Charged veng. for great buff and heal
4#windmill to maximize damage and keep spamming smash and attck

This can be used in any combination to fit the need. Lately I charge in first with skyward smash, or I use charged veng. first to kill goblins/rogues quickly.

Useful tip – avoid groups of enemies like the plague unless you know they have little health left or you are confident your team can back you up. Warriors are hard to take down but when you find yourself 1v3 against a war and two mages you will most likely die.

I was thinking of trying out Windmill, Jug., Veng, and Horn, because surviving and who lasts longest seems to be the key factor in ctf games. This way you still get the dmg with veng./windmill but also take less with jug. and heal with horn.

Remember there is no procedural way to pvp in AL because it is so fast paced, get to know when and where to use your skills and you’ll have success. Also i’d love to hear other builds so post them please guys.

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4 Responses

  1. VndiLo says:

    How to Leveling fast pvp build??

  2. Seanergik says:

    I’m Stuck with ann of the Dead City.

    My Build is
    WindMill maxed out
    HoR Maxed Out
    Jug 3

    I even Bought lvl 15 Legendary swords and armor, and still cannot get through

    I’ll probably erase this one, and build another.

  3. yash says:

    Mine is
    Vengefull blood maxed out
    Skyward smash 4/5
    Axe throw 4/5
    HoR 3/5
    5 might
    5 dmg

    I choose axe throw coz the target cant hit crits n quite affectiv agnst rogues

  4. Arcane Warrior says:


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