Arcane Legends Farming Elite Shuyal with Rogue

Arcane Legends Farming Elite Shuyal with Rogue by Zeus

Just hit L36 cap and are looking how to earn money? Or someone who is looking for a new way to earn money? Whatever reasons may be, farming elite shuyal is a very efficient way to work towards mythic and arcane items!

I. Gear:
I am not going to elaborate too much on gear as there are many good options out there. I am sure, by now, anyone who is running L36 knows which versions of gear are best suited towards their class.

If not, the basic format is:

• Sorcerer: Int/Str, with the majority of stat points in gear allocated for intelligence.
• Rogue: Dex/Int, with the majority of stat points in gear allocated for dexterity.
• Warrior: Str/Int, with the majority of stat points in gear allocated for strength.

Note: Always, always, always, wear a leprechaun amulet for the boss. If you can refrain from wearing it the entire run, please do so as it really hinders performance! There is NO such thing as “I can afford to lose the stats”. I would recommend wearing it while the boss is at 5-10% health to help minimize deaths. If there is a warrior in your party, wait for him to use his Horn of Renew & quickly switch while under the shield protection.

II. Pets*:
• Slag
• Haze
• Malison
• Abaddon
• Talon

III. Skills*:
Well, honestly, there are a variety of builds you could go with, but below is the build that I have found most efficient.

• 5/5 Aimed Shot
• 4/5 Veil (Excluding the Exploding Upgrade)
• 4/5 Traps (No Combustion Upgrade)
• 5/5 Noxious Bolt

IV. Passives:
• 3/5 Int
• 4/5 Str
• 5/5 Dex
• 5/5 Damage

V. Theoretical Party*:
• Party #1: 1 Warrior, 1 Mage, 2 Rogues (Least Deaths)
• Party #2: 2 Mages, 2 Rogues (Quickest)

Now, why damage over crit? Well, trust me, as there are many high level mobs
in Shuyal, you will need all the damage you can get. The way that you will be using this build will not have you rely on critical hits as it is most efficient without it.

VI. What to Lead With:
1. Set up your traps
2. Set up your veil (preferably some distance from the traps)
3. Start applying charged Noxious Bolt to mobs
4. Apply Aimed Shot whenever possible

VII. What to Charge:
• Noxious Bolt
• Veil

VIII. How to Effectively Use:
• Noxious Bolt: See quote below:

The purpose of this one is to inform fellow Nox Bolt users on the proper player positioning to untilize in order to get the maximum effectiveness out of the subject skill’s damage capabilities. I like to call it “The Nox Bolt Box”. The tipical bow user’s basic tac is to first: “Don’t get hit, stay on the outside” and second: “Circle the mob to keep the agro rotating”. The Pro’s tac is first: ……thats another thread. Back on topic, the key to Nox is NOT to circle the mob while releasing the skill, but rather looking at the area around the mob as a “box”. Releasing a charged Nox on the four equal sides of the mob insures the DoT stacks on every enemy. If you circle, you run the risk of impacting the same group due to skill cool down time vs average player movement speed. During testing, the only exception to this tech are those very dense mobs from “pro pulls” in areas such as Leet Lost Mage Mine. In those cases you’re going to have to get on the inside for one release to keep the whole mob bleeding those red numbers. So, Charge, STOP, release, cycle through other skills on your way to the other side of the box…repeat. This is effective if you have at least one other skill that has a two sec cool down…which we all should have…AS of course. Veil, RS, Traps…etc can be worked in…with practice. Remember, “If it feels uncomfortable, then you’re prob on to something” (;

• Trap: Set it up where you expect mobs to gather before you start fighting. Make sure to reapply often.
• Veil: Set away from the mobs, as grouped up, these mobs are very dangerous and WILL result in a party wipe if there is no tank.
• Aimed Shot: Use this skill to take out the most dangerous mobs first. The ones that I would classify as most dangerous are wolves and mages.

IX. How to Fight Boss(es):

Ashral Heart:
1. Run away from the green circle
2. Charge noxious bolt on the skeletons that follow you.
3. They will stop attacking when their health reaches half.
4. Once they are all frozen, shield will drop. At that point, do as much damage to the boss as possible.
5. Repeat steps #1-4 until boss is dead.

1. Stay away from purple pools of death.
2. Kill blue mages whenever possible.
3. Kill boss when steps 1 & 2 are completed.

1. Do not stay on red spots, so constantly move.
2. Kill Mages
3. Kill Overgrowth while constantly moving.
CAUTION: If you stand still on the red spots, it will heal the boss in considerable chunks of HP. If you get stunned, SPAM your potions.

1. Clear map of some enemies till Krom spawns.
2. Find Krom! He can spawn anywhere in the map.
3. Lead him to a statue, as that statue will remove his bubble.
4. Kill him while statue removes bubble.
CAUTION: There will be times where the statue degrades over time. If this happens and the statue is destroyed, move Krom to the next closest statue.

1. Stay away from red-zones.
2. Kill before he enrages.
Use stun pet to stun him. This is especially effective if he has stunned you.

X. Tips & Tricks:
• Always, always, always charge noxious bolt if you are farming elite shuyal. Aimed shot is not nearly as reliable as a charged noxious bolt as the armor level of these mobs are very very very high leveled.
• When charging noxious bolt, run in a circle outside of the grouped up mob.
• Using a movement boosting pet will help you build up Noxious Bolt bleed damage.
• Never drop your bombs over where you set your traps. The bombs is for YOU to stand in, so if you place it over where you are grouping mobs, it defeats the purpose. Trust me, these are not mobs that you will want to be fighting up close.
• Remember, you WILL need at least one rogue to properly take out the bosses. Without a rogue, you will be working at chipping away a boss’s health for a long time.

XI. Legend:
• * = See Tips & Tricks section
• Int = Intelligence
• Dex = Dexterity
• Str = Strength

Loot Table

Ashral Heart Elite.
Ashral shards drop here.

Wraith Heart Elite
Architect helms drop here

Forest Breach Elite
Architect pylons drop here.

Forest of Shades Elite
Architect blades drop here.

Undim fields elite
Architect quills drop here.

Ashral Tower Elite
Architect armors drop here.

Archon rings
Archon rings drop from any of the above maps.

Puzzle boxes
Puzzleboxes drop from any of the above maps.
Locked Grand Crate of the Watch
Elite golden puzzlebox
Elite Silver Puzzlebox
Elite Copper Puzzlebox

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