Arcane Legends NPC Locations and Pictures

Arcane Legends NPC Locations and Pictures by cjswogkstkdg

Q: How do i get to the world map?

Q: What does the City of Windmoore look like?

Q: What does the Travler’s Outpost look like?

Q: What does the Great City of Kraag look like?

Q: How do i unlock the Great City of Kraag?

you have to play all the maps before at least once. Also, rushing through the map will not help (for Rooks’ Nest). You must kill the boss in order to get to the great city of Kraag

Sophia – Traveler’s Outpost

Katrina – Great City of Kraag

Milla – Guild Hall

??? – Great City of Kraag

??? – Great City of Kraag

??? – Great City of Kragg

Story Teller
Dunn the Bard – Tavern (Great City of Kraag)

Strasz the Bard – Tavern (City of Windmoore)

Kincaid the Bard – Traveler’s Outpost

??? – Tavern (Great City of Kraag)

??? – Tavern (City of Windmoore)

Eva – Guild Hall

Petro – Village

Amabel – Tavern (Great City of Kraag)

Arabel – Tavern (City of Windmoore)

Anabel – Traveler’s Outpost

Baldur (Possibly)- Great City of Kraag

Valdor – Great City of Kraag

??? – City of Windmoore

Birgit – Great City of Kraag

Am i that ugly..?

Shazbot – City of Windmoore

Guild Hall
Great City of Kraag

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