Arcane Legends Chat Codes List

Arcane Legends Chat Codes List by MuffinMuch

To access this list just go to chat and type in / this will give you the chat commands below -LwMark


/who (shows everyone currently in your area)
/friend target_name (Adds target as a friend)
/trade Target_name (Trades target)
/accountrewards reward_id (No use for this command at the moment)
/promocode code (Use to obtain any avaliable promotional code)
/reservecharactername game_name (Doesn’t work at the moment)
/skiptutorial (Does currently nothing)
/tutorialreset (Does currently nothing)


/reply message (Replies to last message)
/tell Who Message (/t for tell shortcut)
/team message (Talk in team chat for PVP)


/partychat <message> (/p for party chat shortcut)
/partyinvite Target_name (Invites target to party)
/partykick Target_name (Kicks target from party)
/partyleave (Leaves Party currently in)
/hostinfo (Gives game information of who is hosting the game)
/boot target_name reason (No use until game booting becomes avaliable)
/showfullgames (Shows all full games)
/hidefullgames (Hides all full games)


/guildchat <message> (/g for guild chat shortcut)
/officer <messge> (/o for officer chat shortcut)
/guildcreate <guild name> (Must have guild charter)
/guilddemote target_name (Demotes Target)
/guildpromote target_name (Promotes Target)
/guildhall (This feature requires a subscription.)
/guildinvite Target_name (Invites a target into guild)
/guildjoin <guild name> (Joins a guild, must have a invite to the guild to join)
/guildkick target_name (Kicks target from guild OFFICER+)
/guilddisband (disbands guild)


/report Target_name (Reports target – USE responsibly)
/reportchat Target_name (Reports target’s chat – USE responsibly)

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