Arcane Legends Sorcerer Mage Builds Guide

Arcane Legends Sorcerer Mage Builds Guide by cjswogkstkdg

Before you read, please understand this is my personal opinion :< please do not leave any negative comments! (However, suggestions are WELCOMED)

1. Basic 1:1 Bossing build (also pvp maybe?)
1.Lightning 5- Lightning does a tremendous amount of damage. When you hit critical with lightning, HAX.
2.Frost Bolt 5 – Frost helps freeze your enemy for few seconds. It also stuns and slows down your enemy.
3.Lifegiver 4 (no increased range) – Heals your mana and health.
4.Arcane Shield or curse – Arcane shield will help you survive and curse will help you kill your enemy faster.

2. Basic Mob killer build (Area damage)
1.Fireball 5- Knockback, Area effect.
2.Gale Force 2 (Outward Squall) – Knockback, Knockdown, area damage.
-P.s. if you want faster speed for faster kill, you can use one SP on speed of wind.
3.Time Shift 5- i do not understand why people are saying this is a terrible skill, but this is my favorite skill. The cooldown only lasts until the timer blows up, also it does area damage before AND after, and it also does debuffs.
4.Curse, arcane shield , gale force or heal – your choice

3. Hybrid
1. fireball 5
2. Gale force 1
3. Lightning 5
4. Frost Bolt 4 – which ever you want

Originally Posted by Deathpunch

Mine is more of a hybrid, but with a leaning towards mob killing.

Fireball: maxed out
Gale Force: Outward Squall, Weighted Wind
Frost Bolt: Jagged Ice
Life Giver: all except range increase.

Generally, a charged Fireball is my starter, followed up with a charged Gale Force. Frost Bolt is mostly for lone targets and for bosses that can be rooted/stunned. I like the upgraded life giver because I can cast it and end up with more mana than when I casted it and it gives a bonus to mana and health regen.

P.S. if you’re going to use arcane shield, i suggest you to use at least 70% of your stats on INT.

Please leave any suggestions down below

Thank you for reading

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you want a good mage build for mobd put all points in int and put clock or fireball which ever you like more personally i use clock and lighting and shield and heal for passives put strength for health and int for damage and more mana and last last put dex that’s my pve and pvp build if your high lvl

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