Age of Wushu Tang Men Guide

Age of Wushu Tang Men Guide by v2seraph

Disciples of Tang Men are Hidden Weapons & Poison experts. They are often known as ‘King of Open PVP’ as they can kill an enemy from afar without them reacting in time. Does that mean they are easily outplayed in melee battle? Nope! Tang Men also have high burst damage with their melee skills.

In addition, Tang Men have the fastest speed buff around. Use your Qing Gong properly and no one should be able to catch up with you if by any chance you have to flee from a battle. Tang Men is not as good when facing 2 or more enemies without proper skills though.

Lastly, there are 2 major problems Tang Men faces all the time:
1) Lack of MP (Can be compensated with skills from other school)
2) Slow animation skills that are easily suppressed or dodged.

Everything will be explained below so without further ado, let’s get started!

Getting Started

As a Tang Men, you will want to enable / avoid certain setting. Let us take a closer look at our advanced battle settings:

1) If target is too far, choose a target and automatically walk to him. (Recommended OFF, this will make your character auto-walk whenever you select someone)

2) If target is out of range when you are using skill, automatically run to your target until he/she is in your attack range. (Recommended ON, especially when you are using darts)

3) Highlight recommended skill to cast next. (Optional, your choice)

4) Auto-block ON / OFF. (Optional, your choice. Recommended ON for starters / PvE & OFF for PVP)

5) Automatically refill darts with a new stack if empty. (ON!)

6) Automatically choose target to attack if you did not select one. (Optional, your choice)

7) Movie effect. (OFF! Bad choice especially when you are using darts)

8) Skill cast delay. (Tweak to your liking)

9) Release area skills quickly. (Optional, your choice)

10) Can guard even if you are out of battle. (ON!)

11) Area skill differentiate. (ON, ally’s skill will have green border while enemy’s will have red border)

Starter Skill Sets

Once you have joined Tang Men, you can learn all 3 skill sets below by visiting respective trainers.

金蛇刺 Golden Snake Sting

Your very first skill set, there are 7 skills in total. Visit 唐岳 (986, -170) to learn.

This skill set does better for single target. Master this set after Delusion Dart if you are a PvP fanatic. This will be the skill set you will want to use during 1v1 arena, not Delusion Dart.

Weapon: Dagger 匕首, Darts 飞镖
Element: Yin 阴
Type: Physical Damage 外功

Silent Slash

Type: Real Move
CD: 6 seconds
Training Priority: High

Deal 3 hits to single target. You can use this skill to approach your target quickly. This skill deals additional damage if you have speed buff ‘随行’ on. However, you will lose the buff right after you cast this skill.

Stun Shot

Type: Real Move
CD: 8 seconds
Training Priority: Medium Low

Stun single target for 3 seconds on hit. (Does not stun if your target is guarding) Damage is rather low and maxing this does not increase stun duration so… Don’t need to max this skill at once.


Type: Buff
CD: 8 seconds
Training Priority: High

Level 6 Special Effect: Imbue additional Yin damage to Backlash when the buff is still active.

Increase your move speed by 50% for 15 seconds at level 5. Try to level this skill whenever you can as it is good for both escaping & pursuing.

Tail Swipe

Type: Feint
CD: 2 seconds
Training Priority: Lowest

Break the guard of your enemies in front of you. The animation for this skill is rather slow so you are easily suppressed if your enemy uses quick casting skill to counter attack. Keep that in mind when you are into PvP. Effective attack range of this skill is 4m, you can point at your target to see the distance between yourself and him / her. 2 seconds CD kinda compensated that, though.


Type: Guard
CD: 1 second
Training Priority: Lowest

Your Golden Snake Sting skills will add additional Yin damage each hits upon successful guard for 10 seconds. Added damage is really low even when maxed so.. Might as well just ignore this guard.


Type: Real Move
CD: 2 seconds
Training Priority: Medium Low

Similar to the feint, skill animation is slow. Effective attack range is also 4m.


Type: Real Move
CD: 10 seconds
Rage Cost: 50
Training Priority: Highest

One of the best rage skill in game. Deal 15 powerful hits to a single target. If you have speed buff ‘随行’ on, each hits have roughly 50% chance to crit. This skill can deal over 3,000 damage easily once you have maxed rank 2 Nei Gong, killing someone with full HP of your level instantly.

Well, don’t be happy too early as this skill have no Super Armor buff (霸体) when casting. Therefore, it is easily interrupted with any knock back / stun skill by others. Also, it is hard to deal full hits if your target doesn’t have super armor as he will get pushed left and right.

迷魂镖 Delusion Dart

Your second skill set, you can learn this after finishing your school’s chapter one main quest. Talk to school leader 唐天行 (1036, -127) and he will lead you to 唐解语 (1030, -157). This skill set have the longest hit range (25m) of all skills, there are 6 skills in total.

Train this set first! You should not be the one who take on bosses at early level, so use ranged attack against killers in instances or shoot bosses from afar. Pretty good for early level PvP too as everyone is still new to the game. Bully them with darts while you can!

Weapon: Darts 飞镖
Element: Yin 阴
Type: Ranged Physical Damage 远程外功

Comet Shot

Type: Real Move
CD: 3 seconds
Training Priority: Medium

Deal 1 hit to single target. Damage is not that good at early level so you might want to leave this skill at low level first until you have higher max MP.

Triple Shot

Type: Real Move
CD: 5 seconds
Training Priority: Highest

Deal 3 hits to single target. The damage is considerable despite having 5 seconds CD.


Type: Buff
CD: 10 seconds
Training Priority: Low

Apply poison to your darts when activated. Deal additional damage and reduce your enemy’s move speed on hit. However, you will consume more MP every time you cast a skill. It is recommended that you do not level this skill past 3 at early level or you will run out of MP within a minute. Leveling this skill does increase additional damage & reduce more move speed.

NOTE: You can double click on buff icon to remove this buff if you are running out of MP. Recasting this skill does the same trick too. This buff only applies to skills on Delusion Dart.

Soul Reaper Shot

Type: Feint
CD: 10 seconds
Training Priority: Lowest

Your target will lose even more guard gauge (green bar) when you use this feint. The damage increment is really low so keep this skill at level 1 until you have no skills to train. Saves MP too!

Gossamer Guard

Type: Guard
CD: 1 second
Training Priority: Medium Low

Increase your move speed for 30 seconds upon successful guard. Increase your move speed by 50% at level 5.

Soul Seeker

Type: Buff
CD: 30 seconds
Rage Cost: 30
Training Priority: Highest

One of the skill that you should max ASAP. Imbue high amount of Yin damage to every hits of your dart attacks. Reduce more guard gauge if your target is guarding. Extra damage increases as you level this skill, the amount increased was fixed.

分光捉影刺 Shadow Sting
Your third skill set, you can learn this when your Rank 1 Nei Gong is at level 10. There are 7 skills in total. Visit 唐少昂 (941, -111) to learn.

This skill set does better in area attack. Master this set after Delusion Dart if you prefer PvE / War… Or you can try to max this first for early instances and war. Personal preference. This skill set is rather hard for PvP so I will not add most single targeting skills. It has great potential if used properly though! Up to you to discover how to chain them properly.

NOTE: Skills can only hit 10 targets at most.

Weapon: Dagger 匕首, Pellets 弹丸
Element: Yin 阴
Type: Physical Damage 外功

Insinuating Stab

Type: Real Move
CD: 2 seconds
Training Priority: Medium High

Deal 3 hits quickly in front of you. The damage is pretty good for a 2 seconds CD skill. It is spammable, good for accumulating rage points too. You will run out of MP quickly at lower level if you maxed this too early.

Pyrotechnic Stab

Type: Real Move
CD: 6 seconds
Training Priority: Lowest

Stagger and deal 3 hits to single target. You can use this skill to approach your target quickly. Deal additional damage if you have ‘换形’ buff from guarding.

Confusion Strike

Type: Feint
CD: 2 seconds
Training Priority: Low

Break the guard of your enemies in front of you, slowing them for a short duration. One of the better feint skill in game as it has short CD. You are easily suppressed if you are getting attacked by 3 or more enemies though. Damage increment is low at early level.

Max if you intend to PVP, the slow debuff is useful!

Capricious Step

Type: Guard
CD: 1 second
Training Priority: Lowest

Level 6 Special Effect: Adds move speed upon successful guard. Each stack adds 4% move speed.

Gain ‘换形’ buff every time you guard an attack, can stack few times depending on your skill level. The buff only provide additional damage when casting Pyrotechnic Stab. Leave this at level 1 unless you manage to find a way to use this skill set in PvP.

Smoke Screen

Type: Buff
CD: 20 seconds
Training Priority: Highest

Provide extra 55% physical attack and 40% dodge rate for yourself and your party members while staying in the almighty smoke screen at level 5. Enemies cannot use Qing Gong in smoke screen and takes damage over time. (Damage affected by Dexterity) Definitely try to max this ASAP either for School War or instance runs.

Flash Strike

Type: Real Move
CD: 8 seconds
Training Priority: Low

Stagger and deal 1 hit to single target. You can use this skill to approach your target quickly. Applies bleed effect if your target is on ground, making him lose HP over time and unable to use Qing Gong for a short duration. Bind your target if he / she is in smoke screen.

Shadow Chaser

Type: Real Move
CD: 10 seconds
Rage Cost: 50
Training Priority: Highest

Deal 6 hits in a large AoE around yourself. Cheap way to make yourself useful in war / instances at early level. No doubt this skill is still inferior compared to AoE of Wu Dang or Scholars but still, pretty good when used within Smoke Screen.

Advanced Skill Sets
Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

Weapon: ???
Element: Yin 阴
Type: Ranged Physical Damage 远程外功

Recommended Skill Sets
Using own school’s default skill sets won’t get you far, it is highly recommended that you should learn other skills that will help you do even better. To get these skills pages, participate in book robbing event or buy them off players.

I will list a few skills here for reference. You can only learn other school’s skills up to level 4 at early stage of the game. Higher level skills can be obtained through instances as the game updates.

离别刺 Parting Sting
One of E Mei’s skill set. This set is pretty good for crowd control, ‘伯劳飞燕’ enables you to travel to an area quickly, good for climbing hard to reach areas without costing too much Qing Gong. I will only highlight its guard skill though.

Weapon: Twin Piercers 双刺
Element: Yin 阴

Skill Name: 离多会少
Type: Guard

At level 4, gain 2 extra rage points for each successful guard. A good guard skill to have during 1v1 or boss battles where rage points are a lot harder to accumulate.

太极剑 Tai Ji Sword

Weapon: Single Sword 单剑
Element: Tai Ji 太极

If you’re playing in a new server, definitely try getting these skills ASAP or they will get more and more expensive.

Skill Name: 天马行空
Type: Buff

Swap your HP to MP or vice versa by a certain ratio. This skill basically heal you back to full HP instantly if your MP is full.

Skill Name: 三环套月
Type: Buff

Recover certain percentage of Max MP over few seconds. Often used after 天马行空. Try to get this skill ASAP, Tang Men really need a way to recover MP quickly.

Skill Name: 犀牛望月
Type: Guard

Guard skill. Recover a fixed amount of MP upon successful guard. Cheaper and weaker compared to 反戈一击 (Explained below) as it relies on INT to recover higher amount of MP per guard.

Skill Name: 太极剑舞
Type: Real Move

Rage skill. Deal high damage to enemies within 10m. Damage is much higher compared to Shadow Sting’s rage skill, but you still can be stunned. So… Not a must but nice to have.

落英飞花剑 Fallen Petal Sword

Weapon: Single Sword 单剑
Element: Rou 柔

Skill Name: 杏花春雨 Spring Rain
Type: Buff

Fast way to heal yourself when you are getting attacked as you cannot consume potions in battle. Cast Blade Storm afterward before switching skill set.

Skill Name: 风花雪月 Blade Storm
Type: Real Move

I believe everyone know how good this skill is in large scale battles. This skill does not require rage points to cast and cannot be interrupted. Stay in Smoke Screen, prepare to kamikaze and spin your way to victory!

逍遥腿法 Wandering Kick

Weapon: None
Element: Yin 阴

Wandering Kick’s skills are good for 1v1 PvP and have high critical chance once you have triggered ‘逍遥身法’. Best effect when used with Tang Men’s Rank 2 Nei Gong.

You may check skill description by Chaos >HERE<

Optional Skills / Skill Sets

Skill Name: 剑生太极
Type: Guard

Guard skill of Wu Dang’s 两仪剑法. At level 4, reduce 50 STR of enemy upon successful guard. Best skill for tanking large amount of weaker enemies, reducing 50 STR basically means weaker enemies will only deal 1 damage to you.

I recommend getting this and next skill if you like to go for mini instances.

Skill Name: 阴阳交错
Type: Buff

Buff skill of Wu Dang’s 两仪剑法. Switch to ‘阴 Yin’ status, stacking 5 buffs will reduce 20 damage taken. 1 level is more than enough.

You may check Synchro’s Introduction to 两仪剑法 for more details.

Skill Name: 反戈一击
Type: Guard

Guard skill of Scholar’s 无涯剑法. Recover a certain percentage of Max MP upon successful guard. A good guard skill to have if you don’t have Wu Dang’s expensive 三环套月.

夺魄钩心刺 Heart Wrenching Sting

Weapon: Dagger 匕首
Element: Yang 阳

A pretty unique skill set. You use HP instead of MP to cast skills. Tang Men will not receive any bonus while using these skills as their attribute are Yang. However, lots of these skills deals frontal damage, high chance to deal critical damage & have mini stun when you have gathered enough rage points. Best used with Rank 2 Nei Gong.

This skill set is better than Shadow Sting in a way. No need to frustrate over MP issue. You may also switch to this set when you are out of MP.

You can get these skills from Mini Instances (踢馆).


Weapon: Throwing Knife 飞刀
Element: Tai Ji 太极

Skills of this skill set can be obtained from Dusk Village. Combine 10 skill page fragments to get 1 random skill page. A little expensive to collect whole set and the overall damage of these skills are slightly inferior compared to Delusion Dart.

What made this set attractive then? It has feint skill that can knock back target, your target loses more MP every time he/she uses Qing Gong and a cool but slow rage skill. Well, judge yourself whether it is worth the money or not. I have not tried this set at all so I won’t comment further.

Nei Gong

Nei Gong provides Max HP, MP & stats. Keep in mind that you should always train your Nei Gong to certain level before starting to train skills. School’s Nei Gong has level 36 cap, reaching max level will provide bonus effect.

Using Tang Men’s Nei Gong will provide 20% additional damage to ‘阴’ & ‘柔’ skills (Default school’s skills benefit from this), 16% additional damage to ‘太极’ skills. No bonus damage when using ‘阳’ or ‘刚’ skills.

While Tang Men’s Nei Gong don’t have the best all-rounded stats compared to other schools, all level 36 bonus effect are suitable for Tang Men. Thus, there are no reason to use other school’s Nei Gong.

*Stats below are level 36 only.
**Train at water environment for the best effect.

Rank 1 Nei Gong: 七绝经
You will get this Nei Gong the moment you agreed to join Tang Men.

STR: 36 || DEX: 78 || INT: 14 || WIL: 10 || VIT: 37

Max HP: 1930
Max MP: 580

Level 6-15: Recover 5% max MP for every 8 skills you cast.
Level 16-25: Recover 5% max MP for every 7 skills you cast.
Level 26-35: Recover 5% max MP for every 6 skills you cast.
Level 36: Recover 5% max MP for every 5 skills you cast.
Every successful hit knocks back your target slightly.

Rank 2 Nei Gong: 六合经
Tang Men should have this Nei Gong maxed if you ever wanted to instant KO someone with just 1 Golden Snake Sting’s rage skill. Still extremely good against bosses even though it was nerfed.

STR: 101 || DEX: 54 || INT: 22 || WIL: 26 || VIT: 55

Max HP: 2840
Max MP: 855

Level 6-15: 20% increased critical damage.
Level 16-25: 35% increased critical damage.
Level 26-35: 50% increased critical damage.
Level 36: 60% increased critical damage.
Apply ‘mangle’ debuff to target whenever you deal critical damage, anyone who attack the target with ‘mangle’ will deal additional damage. Debuff can stack up to 10 times, ‘mangle’ debuff last for 8 seconds. Additional damage equals to 20% of attacker’s Dexterity per stack.

*Assuming your DEX is 100, you will deal 20 additional damage PER HIT when ‘mangle’ stack once. Stacking 10 times will deal 200 additional damage PER HIT, which is why ‘吞鲸’ can easily do over 3,000 damage.
**You may scroll down for a video showing how powerful ‘mangle’ debuff can be.

Rank 3 Nei Gong: 五毒奇经
Have better control over your enemy when used with darts. Pretty good chance to disable them from running away from you!

Train this to level 33 / 34 if you intend to go Hell mode Peacock Villa / Dragon Gate Inn as soon as possible.

STR: 96 || DEX: 96 || INT: 32 || WIL: 32 || VIT: 64

Max HP: 4230
Max MP: 930

Level 6-15: 30% chance to accumulate 1 poison essence per hit. Inject poison to your target dealing 18 Yin damage per second after stacking 3 poison essences. Poison ignites after 8 seconds, dealing additional 144 Yin damage. 50% chance to disable your target from using Qing Gong for 5 seconds.

Level 16-25: 30% chance to accumulate 1 poison essence per hit. Inject poison to your target dealing 25 Yin damage per second after stacking 3 poison essences. Poison ignites after 8 seconds, dealing additional 200 Yin damage. 50% chance to disable your target from using Qing Gong for 5 seconds.

Level 26-35: 30% chance to accumulate 1 poison essence per hit. Inject poison to your target dealing 31 Yin damage per second after stacking 3 poison essences. Poison ignites after 8 seconds, dealing additional 248 Yin damage. 50% chance to disable your target from using Qing Gong for 5 seconds.

Level 36: 30% chance to accumulate 1 poison essence per hit. Inject poison to your target dealing 39 Yin damage per second after stacking 3 poison essences. Poison ignites after 8 seconds, dealing additional 312 Yin damage. Disable your target from moving for 5 seconds.

10% chance to resist poison at all levels.

*Higher Dexterity will further increase poison’s damage.

Rank 4 Nei Gong: 太素阴功
Coming Soon.

STR:  || DEX:  || INT:  || WIL:  || VIT:

Max HP:
Max MP:

Level 6-15:
Level 16-25:
Level 26-35:
Level 36:

Stats & Equipment Choices

1 STR 臂力 = +1 Physical Melee Attack , +1 Physical Critical Rate , +2 Max HP.
1 DEX 身法 = +1 Physical Ranged Attack , +1 Physical Hit Rate , +1 Dodge Rate.
1 INT 内息 = +1 Inner Attack , +4 Max MP.
1 WIL 罡气= +1 Inner Hit Rate , +1 Inner Critical Rate , +1 Max MP, +0.2 MP Regeneration every 6 seconds, +0.25 Inner Defense.
1 VIT 体魄= +7 Max HP, +0.5 Critical Resist, +0.3 HP Regeneration every 6 seconds

You can see figures like pic above by checking your Nei Gong. Numbers in yellow represent max stat you can stack while blue numbers show your current bonus stats from your equipments.

Take DEX for example, I have 95 DEX from equipment but it is capped at 81 DEX. 14 extra DEX are wasted as they won’t be counted toward your total DEX.

As a Tang Men, you will want to stack high DEX as DEX adds ranged damage & rank 2 Nei Gong’s ‘mangle’ damage. Once your DEX is capped, stack STR or VIT instead.

Why not focus on STR? STR add melee damage & melee critical rate but the increment is not significant.


You may check >HERE< for more details on Meridian System. I will only explain why did I choose the 4 meridian channels above.

足太阴脾经 (Tang Men): Obviously you will want to get this as a Tang Men. Not only you do not need to retrain lower level Nei Gong, its bonus effect is one of the best too. (+7% critical damage at 108 cycles)

足少阴脾经 (Wu Dang): Increase Physical Critical Rate, nuff said!

足少阳胆经 (Royal Guard): Increase Physical Critical & Hit Rate. Pretty important to have higher hit rate due to everyone getting buffed by meridian.

足阳明胃经 (Shaolin): Highest HP growth among all meridians. Having higher HP is always good!

Alternatively, you can replace Shaolin’s meridian with E Mei’s 手太阴肺经 as it provides dodge rate. I did not choose that as dodge is not as reliable. ;)

Getting Higher Level Skills

Requirement: Have level 20 Rank 3 Nei Gong & 50,000 reputations.

Find ‘唐冲天’ at (990, -125) once you are qualified. Exchange quest item with school medals, right click on quest item and complete 2-3 quests listed to get 1 of 4 random skills.

Note that you can’t trade these quest items once you have accepted a quest.

You can take all the quest from quest item at once. Go back to your school leader and submit those quests.

Level 6 Delusion Dart
Quest 1: Kill last boss 韩似锦 in 暮色之村 Dusk Village. Killing alternative last boss 赵子亟 does not count.
Quest 2: Kill a player with bounty in Tang Men map. (Players with red icon ‘犯’ circling them)

Level 7 Delusion Dart
Quest 1: Spy Royal Guard once.
Quest 2: Find NPC 唐川 (730, 10) and defeat him.
Quest 3: Kill 4th boss 叶楼凯 in 暮色之村 Dusk Village.

Level 6 Golden Snake Sting
Quest 1: Complete instance 徐家庄 at 成都 Cheng Du (642, 300).
Quest 2: Complete instance 恶虎山寨 at 鸡鸣驿 Ji Ming Station (-80, 987).

Level 7 Golden Snake Sting
Quest 1: Talk to 韦群 (818 -67). Visit 司马舒 (517, 576) then complete 天宝寨 at 唐门 Tang Men (894, 325).
Quest 2: Kidnap an offline player.
Quest 3: Complete instance 嵩山剑派 at 少林 Shaolin (-91, 476).

Level 6 Shadow Sting
Quest 1: Find tombstone (1251, -93), then pick up a stone (1174, -84) nearby. Go back to the tombstone, open up quest inventory, right click on tombstone item.
Quest 2: Go to 千灯镇 Thousand Light Village and look for 仲强 (897, 590).  Collect 10x 断肠花 (Poison Master – Pluck Poison Grass) and visit 周仓 (826, 704). Go back to 仲强 and use ‘续骨生机散’ on him.

Level 7 Shadow Sting
Quest 1: Talk to 唐凤 (1097, -164). Go to 千灯镇 Thousand Light Village (443, 663). Right click on 骨灰盒 and bury it near tombstone.
Quest 2: Complete instance 金针沈家 at 成都 Cheng Du (207, 759).
Quest 3: Rescue a kidnapped player.

Getting Rank 2 Nei Gong

There are 2 ways to get rank 2 Nei Gong. You can either:-

School medals
Visit 唐晓春 (999, -153) and you can exchange page by page with school medals.


In order to get quest for Nei Gong pages, your Rank 1 Nei Gong ‘七绝经’ must be level 30 or higher. There are 3 quests in total.

Quest 1: Talk to 唐凤 (1097, -164). Complete instance 虎啸山庄 at 武当 Wu Dang (857, 871).
Quest 2: Visit 唐凤 once your rank 2 Nei Gong reached level 9. Complete 暮色之村 Dusk Village Normal Mode.
Quest 3: Visit 唐凤 once your rank 2 Nei Gong reached level 18. Complete 青云堡 Fort Qing Yun Normal Mode.

Page 31-36 can only be exchanged with 100 school medals each, there are no quest for those.

Getting Rank 3 Nei Gong

Requirement: Got 8th school title ‘外房账房’ / 内房堡兵’ OR have Level 30 Rank 2 Nei Gong ‘六合经’ OR have 70,000 reputation.

Note: If you intend to learn until level 36, you MAY need 1815 school medals in total. Therefore, DO NOT slack off after getting Rank 2 Nei Gong, you may find yourself lacking tons of medals if you did not complete weekly spying quest and such.

Visit 唐雨 (1105, -119), exchange ‘Secret Order’ with school medals. Right click on these school orders to receive a quest. You can get rank 3 Nei Gong pages by completing secret orders. There are 15 secret orders in total, you may need to complete a same order multiple times.

For convenience sake, I will list down how many Secret Orders you need along with the quest.

*Don’t want to fill the post with too many screenshots, therefore, click on the links if you don’t know what does certain item looks like.

Secret Orders
(1x) Order #1: Kill 血鳞毒蟒 (87, 19) or 斑斓大虫 (190, 50)

(1x) Order #2: Kill a spy within school.

(2x) Order #3: Complete instance 浣花剑派 at 成都 Cheng Du (1164, 694)

(2x) Order #4: Complete spying on 峨眉 E Mei.

(3x) Order #5: Complete caravan escort. Create a party yourself and look for ‘镖师’ in city.

(1x) Order #6: Kill a player with bounty.

(1x) Order #7: Kill 毒蛇 or 毒蜘蛛 (505, 253).

(2x) Order #8: Complete spying on 极乐谷 Blissful Valley & 锦衣卫 Royal Guard, once each.

(2x) Order #9: Find 3 hidden NPCs. 唐心雅 is at 临天阁 (1183, -63), you don’t need to fight her. 唐美娇 at 炼毒室 (983, -315), drink the antidote given to you ; 唐美嫣 at 暗器房 (871, -234).

(3x) Order #10: You will need either one of following items (铅锭 Miner – Lead Ingot ; 艾草 Apothecary – Collect Herb ; 瓜州青色 Tailor – Craft ; 龟纹石 Miner – Excavate Lead Ore). Next, complete Normal Mode 青云堡 Fort Qing Yun once.

(1x) Order #11: Collect 3x random medicine. (血府逐瘀药酒, 神白药膏, 至宝药剂) You can get these from Apothecary.

(2x) Order #12: Complete Normal Mode 暮色之村 Dusk Village.

(2x) Order #13: Complete spying on 少林 Shaolin.

(4x) Order #14: 2 random quests.

Quest 1
Go to 疾风谷 (630, 350) and you will enter a mirror map. You will then see a NPC with red lantern above her. Talk to her, 4 assassins will then ambush you. Defeat them, one of them will remain. Open up quest inventory and use poison on the assassin, watch him die! Pick up a map from him and leave.

Go to 成都 Cheng Du 武侯祠 (764, 933). Click on the pot to get a new order. Next, go to 青羊宫 (915, 850). A switch and secret door will appear. Click switch on wall and enter the hidden door. Be careful of trap as you walk down the ladder, use darts to attack the female. They will escape with smoke screen shortly after. Check the treasure box left behind, pick the book inside and submit quest.

Quest 2
Go to 丐帮 Beggar’s Sect (580, 290), walk around and you will enter a mirror map. Talk to Beggar’s leader 萧天放, another assassin ambush! Fend them off. Talk to 萧天放 again and leave.

Go to 成都 Cheng Du 武侯祠 (764, 933). Click on the pot to get a new order. Back to your school and talk to 唐天行. Go to school entrance (910 -95), a cutscene will trigger. Kill everyone except 唐芸 & 邢君可. Wait for your school leader to finish them off.

(~60x) Order #15: 3 quests, in order.

Quest 1
Enter Tang Men’s forbidden ground from (1288, -152) or (1319, -105). Look for a room with books. Click a book on table and pick it up. What’s next? Run for your life! There will be a lot of NPC chasing you around as long as you’re still in the school. Exit forbidden ground and escape to 成都 Cheng Du 武侯祠 (764, 933).

Click on the pot to get a new order. Next, go to 青羊宫 (915, 850). Press the switch on wall and go down. Talk to NPC. 3 enemies will spawn, kill them and you will be teleported out soon. Talk to the girl after that and head back to school.

Quest 2
Go to 丐帮 Beggar’s Sect (210, 540) and enter a mirror map. Talk to 唐芸 and you will be teleported onto a tree. Jump down and fight 萧天放!… No, I was joking. Jump down if you want a miserable death :P. Watch them fight each other on tree. You will be teleported away again after a short while, talk to 唐芸 and back to 武侯祠 (764, 933). Click on the pot as usual and back to school.

Go to (730, 30) in school, talk to 唐芸. A cutscene will trigger. Kill everyone except 唐芸 & 邢君可. Then, wait for your school leader to finish them off.

Quest 3
Get a party of 2 or 3 (don’t need to be Tang Men) and go to Peacock Villa’s entrance, you can’t solo if you wanna kill 2nd boss. Look for 李松乾 (1356, 861), talk to him as party leader and he will teleport you into a mirror instance. Lure 唐芸 away and ignore 邢君可. Defeat 唐芸 and talk to 百晓生.

NOTE: If you have been to Peacock Villa before this, you might have an item ‘十三封‘ with you. You can skip second boss if you already have this item. If you still want to get this, you must send existing one to another character first, otherwise the boss will not drop that item for you even if you kill him.

Prepare to engage second boss, he is the same guy as Peacock Villa’s second boss. He can create a clone of himself and instant kill someone with ‘噬魂剑’. You will get a quest item ‘十三封‘ as you defeat him. Back to school and voila! You’re done!… Not so soon, you’re far far away from completing!

Getting Page 32-36
You can only get rank 3 Nei Gong up to page 31 through secret orders. To get page 32-36, you will need to combine hell lots of page 31 – ‘五毒奇经高阶第1篇’.

Look for NPC 唐凡 (1054, -141), 唐解语 (1030, -157) or 唐盈弦 (1030, 19). Select first option, combine TWO page 31 and you will get ONE page 32. To get page 36, you will need TWO page 35. In other word, page 36 requires THIRTY-TWO page 31!!!

There’s a small small chance to get a page that is 1 level higher though. Pray hard!

Getting Rank 4 Nei Gong

Coming Soon.

After playing Tang Men for few months, I have noticed what’s good or not good for Tang Men. I will list them below for your reference!


Life Skill – Blacksmith: If you are actively looking for trouble..! You may need to use 2 or more stacks of darts a day. Buying quality darts off players are really costly so… Why not be a Blacksmith and craft some yourself? *wink wink*

Life Skill – Poison Master: Poisons are goodies you need if you want to win against some of the best PVPers out there. Poisons are usually cheap but good ones are harder to find…

Life Skill – Apothecary: Medicines are also cheap and useful in all occasions… That’s not the main point here though. If you don’t have apothecary skills, crafting EXP potions is definitely a pain the ass as you need to click numerous times just to get a 150% or 250% EXP conversion potion. Learning apothecary can save me ~15 minutes per day. *sad face*

Kidnapping!: Definitely try to kidnap every hour as we, Tang Men does not suffer penalty from kidnapping. Alternate source of income!

No No and No!

Life Skill – Chess Master: Tang Men is often bosses’ target or assassins killer. Therefore, you might die fast / stay away from party and causes formation to crumble. That’s not a good news for your party! Learn Zither or other literature skills instead!

But then, chess is probably the easiest to do among 4 literature skills… So…. Your choice!

Formation Eye: As per what I mentioned above, if you have a circle below you after activating a formation, get your formation starter to move the eye away from you. Right click on someone’s portrait and choose ‘设置为阵眼’.

Tips & Tricks

Delusion Darts – Obstacles: Obstacles such as trees or pillars are your biggest enemy when you are using darts. If your enemy is hiding behind obstacles, do not run straight into them! Try to find a way around and remember, always remain distance with him. Unless you are confident in melee battle.

PvE – Instances: Use Shadow Sting against group of enemies. Throw a smoke bomb, spam Insinuating Stab and Shadow Chaser. As for boss battles, throw smoke bomb once in a while if you don’t see any other Tang Men doing that, it will boost your party’s overall damage greatly. Switch back to Golden Snake Sting and cast rage skill – Devour on boss afterward.

1v1 – Golden Snake Sting: Tang Men rise in PvP when our rank 2 Nei Gong reaches level 36. If you are in an arena ring, Delusion Dart won’t do you any good. Golden Snake Sting should be your best choice.

Carefully observe your opponent and find an opening to stun him. Note that most players will just guard all the way until you have casted your Stun Shot. Breaking guard with our feint is no easy task due to the obvious skill animation, it is easily suppressed with approaching skills or dodged by sliding away.

Basically what you should do is gather 50 rage points, try to find an opening to break the guard of your enemy, stun and followed by Devour. That will take out a player instantly 90% of the time. DO NOT use Real Moves to attack when your enemy is guarding.

1v1 – Switching Rank 2,3 Nei Gong: Once you have learned your Rank 3 Nei Gong to ~level 30, you will want to switch to it. Gather 3 poison essences and use Delusion Dart to engage your opponent, attack him from a distance until you have gathered 50 rage points.

Next, switch to Golden Snake Sting, find an opening to cast Devour combo. Immediately switch to Rank 2 Nei Gong when you are casting Devour and he’s gone for sure. ;D

1v1 – VS Guard’s Hook: Guard’s Hook has 20m attack range and their hooking animation is really really slow. You can easily evade these skills by sliding away. Fight back using Golden Snake Sting. Fighting range with range is not recommended.

1v1 – VS E Mei: E Mei is really easy to win at early level even if they can slow / heal / shield. Just don’t let them gather rage points to get a double sting combo in and you’re set!

Once they start to train Rank 3 Nei Gong… Good luck killing them… -_-

1v1 – VS Scholar’s Wandering Kick: Scholar’s imbalanced kick can break your guard like a piece of cake. They also have 2 approaching skills which can catch up with you easily. Your only way to win is to be extra careful, use your slide smartly, pray hard to get a couple of Stun Shots in and manage to land a successful Devour.

1v1 – VS Shaolin’s Tai Zu Fist: The ultimate challenge! Shaolin’s fist can break you guard in a blink of an eye and knock you down, followed by stun and other attacks. 1 full combo can take out half of your HP if you are not careful. Just do what you should and… Good luck! I find myself dodging Shaolin’s attacks often though!

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