Age of Wushu Cultivation Introduction

Age of Wushu Cultivation Introduction by Grayvent

I’d seen a lot of new players struggling trying to understand the complexity of the cultivation process.
Thought i should make an introduction of it, to help guide ya with a better understanding of how all this thing works.

  • special thanks to my guild buddy, Shu (sanfeng) for his contributions. Spam him some thank you notes and love!!!


Key Words to Remember:


  • is the main source of your cultivation process. you can have up to a max of 999 exp.
  • 1 exp can be converted into 1000 cultivation points.
  • VIP can convert 100% (1 exp = 1000 cultivation points) of EXP.
  • Non-VIP can only convert 70% (1 exp = 700 coultivation points) and 30% (300 cultivation point) will be stored as potential points.
  • Potential points can be converted into cultivation point by purchasing it using cash shop money (Gold).
        Tips: Best way to gain Experience point is to do “School spy” daily quest. (Max 5 times per day)
      You can get a max amount of 160 EXP when you successfully completed the quest with 10 intelligence. (800 EXP in total if you completed 5 x “School spy” quest)

Conversion Rate
The maximum amount of conversion in general for VIP is 380 cultivation points per 100 seconds.
The maximum amount of conversion in general for Non-VIP is 266 points per 100 seconds.

There are other ways to increase the conversion rate:

  • School Patrolling Task (Increase by 10%)
  • Guild Patrolling Task (Increase by 30%)
  • Divination (In the range of 10% – 450%, depends on your luck in fortune telling, 6 times per day)
  • JiangHu Dispersed Area: The PVP duel with a Flaged area, win (10%) or lose(5%) you can still gain a buff to increase your conversion rate for 10 minutes. The Buff can stack up to a maximum of 5 times.
  • Experience Medicine
      • Jack Dew (25%)
      • Yellow White Pill (50%)
      • Chi Accumulation Pill (100%)
      • Palpitation Relieving And Vital Pill (150%)
      • Green Pill(250%)
      • However, these pills can be consumed for up to a max of 35 x Experience Medicine per week)
        • Jack Dew can be obtain by completing the JiangHu instances, Forbidden Instances, or School Spy quest.
        • Jack Dew can be refine into better pills with better bonuses by using Herbalist Life Profession.
  • Pray
    Click the pray icon in top left corner of the interactive interface to start the pray interface. You can freely input the names of the pray objects or choose in the existing relationship list and check more than one name of the players and pray in the series listing. After checking more than one player, you can send the chosen prays to the chosen players separately. When praying, you can also input some pray words. It needs to notice that each pray has three different levels and the consumption while consumption is different too. Each pray at each time can only choose one level. After the pray, you and the object can receive the effects at the same time. In the interface of pray you can click the label of blessing required to check the pray received and start it. There is quantitative restriction on the pray which could be opened everyday and could be opened at the same time at every turn. Each time, player can open 5 prays at most. Heroes should choose prudently when opening.

Now that you have some idea of how the gaining of cultivation point process works,
we’ll move on to the next topic on how to use the cultivation points.



  • Cultivation is the process of leveling up your martial art skills or inner skills.
    You can only cultivate one skill at a time.
  • Cultivation Process:
    There are 3 ways to cultivate your skill:

1. Internal Cultivation:

  • The most basic out of the 3 method.
  • Click it and you will Consumes 43 cultivation points every 15 seconds in general.
  • Of course, the consumption can be speed up if you’re in a sacred place according to the element of your skill.
    • Consumes 45 points every 15 seconds (2 point bonus)
    • Consumes 44 points every 15 seconds (1 point bonus)
      • Bonuses below only applies to Internal Cultivation, does not apply to Team PracticeElement of skills:
        There are 3 types of element for “Inner Skill”:

            Tai Chi: Wudang, Blissful Valley

              2 point Bonus : Mountain Sacred Place
              1 point Bonus : Cave and Snow Sacred Place

        YinSoft: Emei, Tang, Scholar

            2 point Bonus : Waterfall Sacred Place
          1 point Bonus : Cave and Snow Sacred Place

        YangHard: Shaolin, Beggar Sect, Royal Guards

            2 point Bonus : Forest Sacred Place
          1 point Bonus : Cave and Snow Sacred Place

        There are 5 types of element for “Martial Art Skill”:

            Tai Chi Martial Art Skill

              2 point Bonus : Mountain Sacred Place
              1 point Bonus : Cave and Snow Sacred Place

        Yin Martial Art Skill

            2 point Bonus : Cave Sacred Place
          1 point Bonus : Mountain and Waterfall Sacred Place

        Yang Martial Art Skill

            2 point Bonus : Snow Sacred Place
          1 point Bonus : Mountain and Forest Sacred Place

        Soft Martial Art Skill

            2 point Bonus : Snow Sacred Place
          1 point Bonus : Mountain and Waterfall Sacred Place

        Hard Martial Art Skill

            2 point Bonus : Cave Sacred Place
          1 point Bonus : Mountain and Forest Sacred Place

2. Practice Martial Arts:

  • You can speed up cultivation by using this method, however you’re limited to spend 50: silver coin (Bound money) per day.
  • You can also use Silver (Unbound money) to speed up your cultivation, there will be no limit for using this method as long as you have enough silvers and cultivation points.

3. Team Practice (TP) :

  • The is the best out of all 3, and most rewarding way to cultivate skill.
  • However, once your “Fatigue” reaches 100% (roughly around 100,000 cultivation points), you can no longer consume further cultivation points through Team Practice.
  • There are 4 types of Team Practice:
    • 10 rounds
    • 15 rounds
    • 20 rounds
    • 25 rounds
  • Each Team can have up to a maximum of 10 members (Recommended to train with 10 for the maximum amount of consumption)
  • Performing Team Practice in “Sacred Place” will speed up the process by consuming more cultivation points as a bonus.
    • As a result, achieving 100% Fatigue within less amounts of practice rounds.
    • Usually takes about 35 rounds to max 100% in sacred places (25 rounds + 10 rounds)
    • Those who did not perform TP in a sacred place will take longer, usually around 45-50 rounds
  • TP is most rewarding when everyone in group does it properly and ends it without a single miss. The more “miss” you have in your TP, the less rewarding it is.
  • Also to point out, the first person on the list have the easiest key, and the last person on the list will have the toughest key combination. So make sure you have someone who knows what they need to do when they get arrange down to the bottom of the list.
  • Team Practice uses ← ↑↓→ J, K key. (You can substitute WASD for the arrow key as well)
    You have limited amount of time to complete the combination of the keys showed on screen when it’s your turn. Press the keys accordingly from left to right as shown on your screen.
  • If you press a wrong key by mistake, you’ll have to start over.
  • If you fail to complete the key combination within the given amount of time limit, your team will not consume any cultivation for that round.

I think i pretty much cover up the basics.
Hope this introduction kinda gives you an idea about how the cultivation process work.
If you have any further questions or anything else to add, feel free to post a comment.

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