Web Koihime Musou Beginner’s Guide

Web Koihime Musou Beginner’s Guide by GalesOfSpring


Welcome to Eria and GalesOfSpring’s Web Koihime Musou Battlefront Startup Guide! This guide will guide you through the first couple of weeks in WKM, (hopefully) giving you a strong position from which you can compete. Please keep in mind that these are my opinions/my take from the limited experience in beta. I am also assuming you know the basics from the tutorial. Numerical details are not included.

Note that this may not be applicable to any other positions (midline/rear) as I haven’t played them and know nothing about them.

I’ll start with some important notes/warnings.


DO NOT use the training option early on. You lose the partner warlord (permanently, as far as I can tell), and because coins are hard to come by and warlord costs increase linearly (1k coins for first, 2k coins for second, etc.), it’s not worth it early. Later on when you have a surplus of warlords, feel free to throw them away then. More details on this later.

Sharing is Caring

  • Sharing lands is your path to expansion and conquest.
  • You can share only lands that are adjacent to yours (diagonals included), so make sure your territory is linked.
  • Shared resources will raise your production by a certain amount. I haven’t figured out how much is actually gained because it’s not the number listed on the land, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the number of people sharing it.
  • The limit on the number of lands you can share is tied to your achievement points or the number of resource territories you conquered and are holding, but I haven’t bothered to figure out the formula yet.

This is what bad sharing looks like:

Posted Image

Why is this bad? Because as I said earlier, you are limited in the number of lands you can share. Therefore, you want to use your slots wisely and grab as many resource lands as possible.

This is what sharing should look like:

Posted Image

Note that this layout tries to avoid unnecessary sharing on vacant lands. It’s ok to share those if you need them to link to more resources, though.

Aside: The number of occupants on a land seems to correlate with the strength of the defences on it. Sharing vacant lands on the frontline to act as a deterrent is advisable as kingdom territory expands. Work together with your fellow players on this!

The Actual Stuff (Part I)

Initially focus on increasing the level of a base’s forest and clay mine at the start rather than on building up an army to complete the Conquest of Mini Castle Mission (you should not be touching these early on as accumulation of spent resources on soldiers which require a crop upkeep is resources not spent on establishing a base’s infrastructure). The level on the iron mine can lag behind a level or two and even more so for the farmland – timber and soil are the main resources used to increase the level of these 4 sources of materials. Each level increases the rate of income for its respective resource by about 20% (the time required to complete upgrading each component of a base doubles per level). Build and level up your storage to fit your activity so that you won’t be unable to acquire any incoming resources should they reach a certain amount. The amount you want to be able to store should be:

[Storage Capacity of Resource A] = [Current Amount of Resource A] + [Rate of Income for Resource A]*[X hrs]

X is the duration one will not be using that resource such as when you’ll be at school, work, and/or whatever for a couple of hours.

The objective of acquiring more Achievement Points (AP) is to obtain the option of building a 2nd base – the first two days are basically a rush for base 2 by reaching 4k Achievements (achievement counter resets after reaching certain amounts, but your total achievements are recorded in the ranking). To acquire AP, either complete accepted missions or attack territories.

If you have surplus resources, build a market and complete missions requesting resources from other players (rewarding 85 AP per mission completed). The higher the level of your market, the more mission requests for resources you can take on at a time. The amount and type of these missions one should aim for at a time should be relative to their base’s acquisition rate of the specific resources requested.

Attacking other territories not belonging to your associated kingdom also provides AP (ATTACK LIKE CRAZY). Attempt to only let your warlord(s) return to base to heal if they get low on hp. Selecting the attack & garrison option when dispatching your warlord(s) towards an unaffiliated territory, the warlord will be positioned there after completing the attack. Doing this will allow you to increase the rate in which you’ll be able to attack unaffiliated territories with a specific warlord by minimizing the amount of time they’re not sent attacking (e.g. when they’re returning to base referred to as “Period”). Attaching troops to warlords helps minimize the amount of hp lost she would take were she to attack a territory alone and thus allowing her to attack even more territories before having to return home due to having low hp. You should not have to attack territories far away which requires a long travel duration when you start as that would lower the rate in which you acquire AP (AP/time). But, if you do, one recommends attaching troops. The longer the travel time, the more units to attach (limited based on the amount of units you have available in your base to attach to them and your warlord’s level). The rate in which this method of acquiring AP is limited based on the amount of warlords you can use at a given time (be sure to not use up all your coins on inviting more through the as they’re needed to construct new bases), their respective hp, the number of troops assigned to them, and the defensive power of the territory/territories which they’re conquering. The more opposing players there are sharing forces in occupying a territory, the greater the defensive power it’ll have (over 300 when there are just 2 occupants) which leads to one’s warlord requiring more attack power and causing them to quite possibly lose more. Thus, one should avoid territories which have more than 1 occupant (especially when attacking with just a relatively low level warlord that has a few points in attack) unless you really want whatever the territory it is they’re defending. Attacking territories with a greater number of occupants means you’ll need your warlord to return to base much quicker after having conquered even less territories than you would had you dispatched them to conquer territories with less occupants.

Once you reach 4k AP, you’ll level up (down) and be able to build base 2 on a vacant land you share. You have several options here: you can position it “strategically,” e.g. closer to enemy territory, further back where it’s safe, near a friend/guild, etc., or close to your main base. I prefer and recommend building base 2 right next to your main one, if possible. This allows for several benefits:

  • You can send resources from your main to new to speed up construction.
  • Your second base can focus resource hoarding to fuel your main.
  • Your can pick up units from your second base with virtually no downtime.
  • It’s easy to defend.
  • Putting it too close to the enemy’s bases risks losing it as your non-main base can get destroyed if it’s castle durability drops to 0

The Actual Stuff (Part II)

Now go back to spamming missions/attacking. Take this time to start building up your army by training whatever units are appropriate for your warlords (if she is infantry, train infantry, etc.). Research weapons/armour and level barracks as you see fit — I can’t say what is the most optimal build path. Raise your command center to 5 or even 10 if you can afford it. This will be important for the next phase. Naturally, upgrade your resources to accommodate your spending needs.

Those mini-castles I told you not to touch? Now you get to touch. Your warlords should be level 2 or 3 by now. Fit them with as many units as possible (should be 80 and 100, respectively) and send out 2 or 3 (depending on your command center level). This should easily put you at 6k+ attack power, which is enough to overcome the 4k defence on the mini-castle. The rewards will be a nice chunk of resources, coins, and an item for your warlords if you’re lucky. The coins especially are nice, since the only other way to get them is to sell resources at a fairly high rate.

PvPing may or may not be viable, depending on where you started or placed your second base. Because you need to knock down walls/castle to conquer it, you actually need quite a bit of force or multiple hits. Multiple hits is not advisable if the travel time is long, since you would be better off taking more vacant/resource lands. You can score some nice exp/pillages from players though, especially if they’re inactive.

Continue building up, completing missions, expanding, and farming mini-castles (these respawn, so you don’t have to worry about running out of them). You should have base 3 too, which I recommend placing close to the frontlines (division between your territory and enemy territory) and reinforcing with your warlords+units.

PvP — Base Assaults

You may now attempt base assaults! It is strongly recommended that you have a squad of engineers, as capturing/destroying an enemy base without them is … time-consuming, to say the least. Send your main wave (warlord with infantry, archers, spears, and/or cavalry troop types) to defeat the defending army first, then time the engineers to go in and deal damage to the walls/castle. Repeat until the base falls.

You may get to a point in the game where you’re losing a lot of territories either because the opponent is really strong or your territories defenses are too weak due to a low number of people who are sharing forces in occupying that territory. Its not a point that one should have reached during the first 2days of playing the game which this guide is here to help you with. However, should you do find yourself in such a situation, note that there is another way of lowering the rate in which your opponent(s) is able to acquire your territories other than requiring them to return their warlord(s) to their respectively assigned base should their hp become too low to continue attacking from having attacked either too many territories or the territories with relatively strong defenses. If an attacking force is not able to complete destroy every defending unit in a territory, they have to recall. An enemy warlord who’s spending time returning to their base, is not one who is spending time attacking/conquering new territories. Predicting which territory/territories an opposing player will attack, you can dispatch your warlord(s) in preparation to “counter” their attack. Even if the other player wins the battle, their warlord(s) have to recall if they’re not able to completely annihilate all the defending units there. Your defending warlord on the otherhand will just be position in the next closes territory which you shared or is a part of your kingdom (not sure). And, should your warlord(s) be completely defeated, they’ll just be returned the base they’re assigned to. Not a bad thing to consider doing prior to logging off to sleep. The moment you wake up, your warlord(s) will either be in a position to continue conquering territories or be in your base (either healed or healing) to be assigned a new set of soldiers (which probably would have occurred even if you didn’t do this defensive play).

That is all! The rest is just repeating everything you’ve done and making your mark in history.

Eria: Co-author of this guide
GalesOfSpring: Co-author of this guide
Uzziel/Lust: For providing numbers and testing various mechanics
Wolkenritter (clan): For displaying remarkable plays and giving insight to some of the tactics listed
beanfun!: For hosting this game

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