Web Koihime Musou Base Management Basic Guide

Web Koihime Musou Base Management Basic Guide

In this section we will go over how you obtain the materials needed to keep your base functioning.

1. Resource Nodes

In order to construct buildings or train troops in Web Koihime Musou you will need to gather resources. You can view this window by hitting the ‘Base’ icon at the top of the page.

The first section to look at is the red highlighted section in the image. These are your resource nodes. To construct/upgrade a resource node, simply click the resource node and press the “Construct” button for first time use, and the “Upgrade” button each following time. This will increase your resource collection rate.

2. Storage Unit

The second section is highlighted in blue, and this is your Storage unit. This building controls the amount of resources you can store in total, so make sure to upgrade this fairly often.

3. Resource Collection

The third place to look at is the Resource Bar which is highlighted in green in the image. This bar lets you know how much of each resource you currently possess, and what your gathering rates of each resource it. The top number next to each resource represents the current amount of those resources you have, the number beneath it represents the maximum amount you can store (based on the level of your Storage), and the number with the + or – value indicates your current hourly collection rate (Based on the level of the resource node associated with that resource).

4. Base Management Tips

Early on you will find yourself using more clay and timber than most other resources so another good strategy is to keep those slightly higher in level than your other resource nodes when you first start out. Be careful though because once you begin building soldiers, they will need to be fed which will decrease your overall crop production. If your crop production ever drops into the negative, you will be unable to build anything else until you upgrade them. Iron will also become more important as you progress through the game, so make sure you do not fully neglect that resource either.

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