Web Koihime Musou Starter’s Guide

Web Koihime Musou Starter’s Guide

This guide will help you in creating your Kingdom and show you the very beginnings of starting the game. Take special note in the last section, as the placement of your base will affect the amount of PVP and PVE you will encounter.

1. Selecting Your Name

The first step in building your kingdom is selecting your Lord Name; this will be the name others in the game will know you by! Choose your Lord Name wisely because once one has been selected you will not be able to change it. After you have selected your Lord Name, you will then need to enter in a name for your base that will be viewable by the others in the game.

Unlike your Lord Name, your base name can be changed by selecting the “Lord Management” button at the bottom of the screen once you have entered the game. So even if you can’t think of the perfect Base Name right away, you can always change it once you find it!

2. Choosing Your Strategist

After you have selected a name for yourself and your kingdom you will then need to assign a strategist for your team. Your strategist will serve as your first Warlord and advisor as you complete the Web Koihime Musou’s tutorial, so take your time and choose wisely!

Each potential Warlord for your base will give you a glimpse at their different stats, and each Warlord has its own Ougi (Special Abilities) and preferred unit types. Some are more suited for defense rather than offense, while others may favor offensive unit types over defensive unit types. Remember though that this is just the first of many Warlords you will have the opportunity to come across in Koihime Musou, and it will be your job to collect the best Warlords suited for your base!

3. Selecting Your Kingdom

The next step after selecting your strategist is to select one of the three Kingdoms to serve. Besides choosing your Lord Name, this is one of the most important decisions you will make as the Kingdom you select will decide where you can place your base on the map at the start of the game, the ruler you serve under, and who you can ally yourself with. Once you choose your Kingdom you cannot go back, so if you plan on playing Web Koihime Musou with your friends make sure you all agree on a Kingdom before advancing past this step otherwise you may not be able to form your alliances together!

4. Placing Your Base

Speaking of selecting a base location, once you’ve selected a Kingdom you will be given the option to choose where you would like to place your base in your Kingdom’s territory in reference to the other Kingdom’s territories. Boldness is rewarded here so if you choose to throw yourselves at the front line you will receive more gold at the start of the game which will help you out as gold can be used early on to purchase Warlords and progress your Clan’s level. Being on the front line also means you will come into contact with your enemy (including PC enemies) much quicker, which means more experience but the potential to be attacked more frequently; this area is recommended for players who enjoy PvP encounters.

Alternatively, if you choose to place your base mid field, you will receive less gold but be further away from the action. This will give you more time for uninterrupted advancement, but will also limit the amount of experience you can gain.  This area is recommended for players who enjoy a mix of PvP but would also like to see some PvE action.

The last option is to place your character in the rearguard. The rearguard is your Kingdom’s last line of defense against invaders. The bases that form the rearguard are almost completely out of harm’s way early in the game and will have more uninterrupted time to create their kingdoms than any of the positions on the map, but it will come at the cost of additional gold and experience gained early on. This area is ideal for those who wish to focus on the PvE/Base construction aspects of the game, as you will be able to build up your kingdoms in order to help out your allies later on.

When choosing a location, be sure to pick that one that appeals most to your play style as you will not be able to move your base once it is established!

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