Checkmate Troops Gold Cost and Production Time

Checkmate Troops Gold Cost and Production Time by Blasfmer

these numbers are being based off 66000 gold per hour production and lvl 10 military buildings in groups of 100. these numbers are very close to actual numbers they are not exact but close enough to give you a good idea of what your gonna need.

Tier 1
Light infantry- 25900 22 minutes gold time 2h 32 m build time
Light howitzer- 27000 25 minutes gold time  2h 42m build time
Light tank- 32400 30m gold time 2h 48m build time

Tier 2
Heavy Infantry- 74600 1h 10m gold time 7h 33 m build time
Wheeled Howitzer- 76500 1h 15m gold time 6h 31m build time
Medium tank- 93200 1h 34m gold time 6h 45m build time

Tier 3
elite infantry-254000 3h 50m gold time   14h 45 m build time
mobile arty- 257200 3h 54m gold time 12 h 41m build time
heavy tanks- 315200 4h 46m gold time 13h 12 m build time

hope these help you out i will add in more information when it becomes available.


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