Checkmate Building Beginner’s Guide

Checkmate Building Beginner’s Guide by sodomizer

few simple steps to get you well on your way to a successful productive base

1. your command center is the key to your base without it leveling you cannot get anything else higher. I suggest building it to lvl 5 to start.

2. next step is to get your Revenue Center to match its level.

3. go outside and build each field to level 1 after doing so you must use resource packs or wait some time to get some resources

4. build and level your bank you will need this to store the gold you will be bringing in.
need this to store the gold you will be making

5. go to the outskirts and upgrade your oil fields to level 5 it produces the most gold so will help you level the next set of resources. next to build is your steel mill then power plant then farms. if you do the fields in this order you will maximize your gold potential.

6. after you have leveled all of your fields to lvl 5 build and level your vault to 5.

7. now that everything that is vital is level 5 go back and level it all to lvl 10. you start with the command center and revenue center.

8. proceed to the fields and level them to 10 as well in the same order as before Oil, Steel, Power, Food.

9. now that you have you have your resources flowing to gain gold. you can start production of military units by building the barracks, artillery factory, tank factory, logistics center and recruiting station to level  10.

10. next step is to continue to level your buildings this will give you a stable start to the game and ensure you are productive early.


any questions feel free to shoot me a pm in game.

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