Checkmate Game FAQ

Checkmate Game FAQ

Q1: How do Officers upgrade?
A1: Officers can gain experience by challenging in campaigns, attacking cities and training in Academy, and then upgrade.

Q2: How to get Merit?
A2: Players can claim Merit many times for free, but the quantity depends on the Construction of the city. The number of claiming time will be reset at 12:00 a.m. daily. Players can also get Merit from campaigns, attacking cities and missions.

Q3: What is the restraint of unit types?
A3: When a unit type encounters another unit type which can be restrained by it, there will be some bonus which can help it conquers the opposite. In Checkmate, Infantry restrains Artillery, Artillery restrains Tank, and Tank restrains Infantry. But players will be able to research some special unit types after upgrading related technologies, these unit types can lower being restrained by other unit types or have higher restrain to other unit types.

Q4: How to increase the number of Officers for using?
A4: You can increase the number by upgrading the technology “Officer Recruitment” in the Research.

Q5: How to get gears?
A5: Players can craft, buy and fortify gears in the Provisions, players also have chance to get gears from battles.

Q6: How to increase the Gold output?
A6: Players can increase the gold output by upgrading resource lands, Alliance Technologies and Coalition Technologies, some items can also help to increase the gold output.

Q7: What is Rank? How to promote Rank?
A7: Players can get corresponding attack and defense bonus, base establishment clearance and they even can ignore the effect of a city’s dispatch upper limit according to different Rank levels. Players can promote their Ranks by donating Medals.

Q8: What to do if an Officer is wounded?
A8: Officers will be wounded after all armies he led are killed in action when attacking cities, the wounded officer can’t do anything. Players can’t dismiss an wounded officers. Wounded officers will recover slowly in a time, but will recover immediately if players use Healing Tonic for them.

Q9: What the Bank use for?
A9: The upper limit of gold reserve is determined by the level of the Bank in a Base, players can reserve more gold by upgrading Bank.

Q10: What the Vault use for?
A10: The Vault affects your Merit gain and chances of getting Coupons.

Q11: What’s the Extra Bonus?
A11: Players can claim extra Merit by spending a certain amount of coupons, and there is no waiting time.

Q12: How to recruit advanced unit types?
A12: The related military constructions need to be upgraded to required levels, the related attack and defense technologies also need to be upgraded to required levels, then players will be able to recruit corresponding advanced unit types.

Q13: What the Clearance use for?
A13: It requires different Clearances for constructing sub bases in different cities, players can only construct a sub base after meeting the Clearance requirement of the city. The Supreme Commander and Officials have the right to adjust the Clearance of other members. The Supreme Commander’s clearance is 9, but the highest clearance of other alliance members is 8.

Q14: How to construct more Bases?
A14: Players can construct sub bases after their Construction reach to a certain level. It will consume some Merit when constructing sub bases, and it requires different Clearances for constructing sub bases in different cities.

Q15: How does an Officer’s Energy being recovered?
A15: It will consume Officers’ energy when officers are on marching, the farther the officer marches, the more energy will be consumed. When the energy drop to a certain quantity, the officer will stop marching, then the energy will be recovered slowly, players can also recover some energy for an officer by using Energy Tonics.

Q16: How to rename an Officer?
A16: Open the Officers interface, players can rename officers by clicking the “Change” button. It will cost a Dog Tag for every time you rename your officers. Officers with blue quality and above cannot be renamed.

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