Checkmate Base Building Advanced Guide

Checkmate Base Building Production Advanced Guide by sodomizer

Some of you may or may not realize but advance bases meaning those bases which have reached level 20 on buildings now cost coupons to construct further. The level cap for buildings is 30.

The strategy for building the base is fairly simple Get your Command Center and Revenue Center to level 30. From there building your Oil Refineries 1st is the biggest concern. It will give you the most gold production and the increases are drastic. It does also cost the most with coupons.

The coupon cost increases each level of building. So have some handy if you wish to proceed. From there you the steel mill is your next target then the power plant. The farm should be last as it is the least productive of all the gold farming. However it is the cheapest to upgrade. Dont be shocked if you find yourself needing a lot of coupons.

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