Web Koihime Musou Ougis Guide

Web Koihime Musou Ougis Guide by Yaron

Ougis Are the abilities each and every character have at their disposal. they’re very powerful, yet their wording can cause trouble please look for the signs:

we’ll start with the Fierce Tiger:
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Posted Image

Fierce Tiger is a powerful move with a 10% chance of effect this move grants 4 things (note:quoted exactly from the game): Warlords x 3% Boost in Attack, Increase Warlord EXP 10%
,Warlord Attack 40%, and Attack Power 15%.

now in the pictures above there is small discrepancy the EXP only Gakushin obtained the 10% exp this is key to the wording as it only says Warlord not Warlords.

this small example could be just a bug in the game there is another example that relates to this one:

In this Example we’ll be Discussing Kings’s Guard:
Posted Image

Posted Image

King’s Guard is a strong defensive move for an Ougi and grants 4 thing also (again quoted from game): Infantry’s Defense X2 during Ambush ,Infantry Defense +30%
,Warlord Defense +65%, Base Defense +25%.

with this move damage from the defending side is reduced to 1. (for my Warlords this will differ with others’ Warlords.)

to give an example for the damage reduction here is a previous battle:
Posted Image

Posted Image

Underline in red are the previous picture’s attack coordinates the Ougi’s above do not modify defense in anyway.

While this could be a factor of Warlord defense I believe this is the aid of Base Defense why? due to the picture in the beginning.

ready for it here is another example! *cough* sorry *cough*:

Posted Image

Posted Image

same as above with with a red line and in this battle no Ougi Activated.

the beginning picture’s show Kaku with the Ougis Besieged and Castle ramparts here are their abilities:
Besieged: Infantry’s Defense X2 during Ambush, Stop Ambush III, Trigger Ougi +40%.

Castle Ramparts: Base Defense +15%.

both skills have only two traits similar to King’s Guard: the Infantry’s Defense X2 during ambush, and Base Defense.

yes the Base defense isn’t exactly the same % and I can’t give some super mathematical equation showing you that is
this is just a gut feeling and the wording of it that makes me lean towards it.

above is all wrong based on Uzziel data on infantry amount (just means the more Units you have the more def you get)this means the Infantry’s Defense X2 Ambush give’s the added defense.
Base Defense is either for your actual base or the base defense of the user. (note: I’m sorry I don’t where I saw that bit of info but I think it was from Uzziel.
if it wasn’t I’m really sorry to the poster of that info.)

For those who read all this Thanks for your time ^^

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