Web Koihime Musou Heroes Information Guide

Web Koihime Musou Heroes Information Guide by Uzziel

Hero abilities:

1 HP gives your hero 10 extra HP.
1 attack gives your hero 25 raw attack on offense.
1 defense gives your hero 25 raw defense on defense.
1 skill gives your hero an extra .5% ouji activation chance.

Max of each stat = 99. Max + you can have is 41. The max total of each stat that you can have is 99+41 = 140.

True naming (via intimacy) gives a random bonus to all of your hero’s stats between the range of +0 and +4. True naming via cash and maybe crystal later on when it is released gives an extended range of up to +6.

Bonuses are multiplicative. All ouji activated in battle applies to all units and all heroes on the same side.

Heroes that match their unit type gives that unit type 50% bonus attack and defense.

The hero that loses the duel gives their entire side a 50% debuff in attack/defense.

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