RODE Online Raising Pet Loyalty Guide

RODE Online Raising Pet Loyalty Guide by Stabinya

To rase any pet/mount’s loyalty just feed them armors and weapons by clicking and draging the weapons / armors onto your pet/mounts in the character window in the pet or mount tab
or while mounted attack mobs this is a slower way and makes the fatigue increase faster
for pets you attack mobs while haveing it out

to manage fatigue you need to buy Exhaustion Heals from Mount Merchant NPC and right click on them when the item is in your inv

Exhaustion Heal prices
Poor Exhaustion Heal – 40S 62B
Low Exhaustion Heal – 67S 62B
Medium Exhaustion Heal – 1G 12S 62B
High Exhaustion Heal – 1G 57S 62B

while you have your pet out unequip your mount or if just on your mount unequip your pet dont have both equiped because your mounts fatigue grows alot faster while haveing both pet and mount equiped (not sure if this is a bug but it slows down the fatigue alot by atleast 90%)

As for improveing pets / mounts use blessing scrolls (brought from Mount Merchant NPC also)
i havent use these yet sorry

armors for mount not sure if out yet or not
but i think they might possibly be a premium item

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