RODE Online Priest Guide

RODE Online Priest Guide by Ericsim

why become a priest : got more heal skill then cleric,elementalist.
equipment: mag increases mana, int increases attack
1:protection shield (mana shield): when use ,the mob hit on u, u were lost amount of mana

i use protection shield only on treasure monster cause it hit me pain

how to kill the chest monster ( shoot 1 time then run abit then shoot again keep repeat till it die )

teleportation : some say it useless but i learn it for running away from mob that chasing me

Holy blessing skill : it a nice cure skill i guess

how do i level ?
do quest from level 1 to 10

i hunt for bronze at level 10 to level 15 for my set :
i save my point at vulcan
then i bought a few of return stone
i got around 28 empty slot
then i run to the east side of vulcan to (white tail eagle) and start my hunt

white tail eagle is easy to be kill:
i have only 2 attack skill to attack single mob that are :
1:Icy wind ( to reduce movement speed by 50%)
2:thunder god fury
to attack the mob : cause icy wind reduce it movement speed only 1 per attack so u need to (….. keep repeat the skill) use healing skill if your hp is low cause healing is the most fast skill to heal you

i hunt till my slot are full (1 per hunt got 35 to 50 sliver) then i use return stone to teleport to the vulcan innkeeper
i sold all the hunting thing away got round 7 to 9 sliver extra
i repair my equipment
then i repeat the tatic i did just now till i got my full level 15 rare set and accessory
(ring try to get int ring to increase your healing,mana and your attack )

at level 15 to 16 :
i start to party at YGG ( ygg give me a very good exp for every round )

question(Q) and answer (A) ?
Q)how to i seperate item from 2 to 1 ?
A)shift left click

Q) i m level 10 already,i choose specialization ,but how come i cant put the skill slot to my quick slot ?
A) press K ,it at there,click and press it to put it on your quick slot

Q) how to i wisper people ?
A) w/ name

Level up event on the below right side treasure box
Q) why i cant get the first my level 5 achievement box when i was level 6 ?
( join the event )
A)at level 5 achievement box you need to press when you are level 1 to level 4 to join the event
(Receive item)
A) you were only get the Receive item if you are at level 5 not level 6 and above

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