RODE Online Healer Tips

RODE Online Healer Tips by HAWTYX

Ive noticed very few healers playing their class/spec effectively in most battle grounds. For the few that do, *applaud* but this is for the majority who dont.


1) You are at best a main healer/support…support as in throwing out your AoE slowing ability and nothing more. MAYBE using some instant casts/items to do damage in situations where you dont need to heal.

2) Avoid aggressive play…..things that are aggressive and get you killed, all your mana drained
-Being in the front chasing multiple retreating enemies
-Pushing too far forward to try and heal spam some non tank who foolishly charged into a crowd alone
-Running off to 1v1 someone you see alone…..half the time you will die if you dont play it perfectly….and at the same time most of your team is fighting somewhere else with no heals= 10 points for your team off your kill(if you won the 1v1), and around 100 from your team wiping for the opposing team. Not a very good trade off.

3) I mentioned mana drain, STAY BEHIND YOUR TEAM, kudo’s if you are leet and can play in the center of a fight, but youll find the opposing team will likely drain all your mana within 15-30 seconds if you play that way. This one Tip alone will save you tons of mana pots, and make you infinetly more useful. Now you can heal spam all day, and anyone wanting to attack you will likely die trying to push through your team.

4) Use your cooldowns! Your AoE slow can quickly give your team the advantage if you drop it right on the opposition when they are preparing to charge you. Ive even noticed it often makes the opposing team focus so much on getting out of it, they might lose a few players cause they are all trying to run out of the aoe.
-Also keep your dmg absorbing shield up at all times, just remember you still lose HP from most Damage over Time abilites even while your shield is up.

5) You dont have to save everyone, just keeping a teamate up 10 seconds longer then he should have been, can often give your team enough time to kill off some of the opposition. Heal spamming and losing your ally, but the enemy lost 2 or 3 is a fair trade.

6) Recognize the good/useful players on your team and prioritize them when you heal. What i mean by this is….I literally check the kill charts every game, and will heal the players getting more kills, over the ones that arent doing so well. If i see two rogues both half health and one is dominating the other team, while the other is just average….im going to heal the dominating rogue first. THAT DOESNT MEAN IGNORE YOUR TANKS THOUGH!….most of the time a good tank is giving your team the time they need to get their kills. That goes with recognizing whos useful.

7) Spam Noble Spirit, and your instant cast….the other heal is too slow for the dmg output at this point in the game. Also from spec points getting the healing shield can be amazing, healing players every few seconds when they take damage(or yourself).

Well thats all for now, i know strategies will change as we progress in the game, but for now this is what ive seen that works for/hinders healing. Im positive there are more tips, but ive run this post on long enough.

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