RODE Online Developer’s FAQ

RODE Online Developer’s FAQ by Celysta

Here are some of the responses to the frequent questions & concerns on the forums.

1. I’m having a lot of lag!

Firstly, we need to identify which type of lag you are having: Client lag (the game feels sluggish) or Network lag (Ex. when you use a skill, it does not register until a while later).

If you are experiencing client lag, please send us a 1:1 inquiry with your DxDiag file, which can be obtained by doing the following:

A. Click on the Start button on the taskbar.
B. Type dxdiag into the search/Run function.
C. Click on Save All Information
A dxdiag file will be generated with your computer specs.

If you are experiencing network lag, it is a result of your network speed and the distance between your location and the server. To check your internet speed, go to: and select Los Angeles, US as the destination server. Check to see what your ping, download speed, and upload speed is. If your ping is higher than 250 ms, you will most likely have network lag while playing the game.

To help reduce lag, we recommend that you try turning off any other programs, downloads, and at your discretion, you may also try turning off any antivirus/firewall.

2. The game’s graphics are not optimized even at max settings.

Please provide your dxdiag file )see question 1).

We also recommend updating your graphic card’s driver if possible. If your graphic card comes with its own control center (Ex. Catalyst Control Center), it may interfere with the game’s graphics, please try turning the control center off.

3. I can’t start the game from the website.

If you played CBT 1, you probably know that we didn’t have a desktop launcher at that time. However, because of everyone’s feedbacks, we’ve created a desktop launcher!

4. Game won’t start because Launcher.exe file is missing.

If you were trying to start the game, but it kept directing you to the download page, it is possible that your launcher.exe file was missing. This is because certain antivirus softwares, such as Norton Antivirus, delete the launcher.exe file. We are working on fixing this problem.

5. Frequent disconnection

Frequent disconnections are most likely the result of low computer specs and/or graphics card. We recommend that you play the game on its default settings. If you are experiencing frequent disconnection in spite of having high specs and graphics card, please send us a 1:1 inquiry with your dxdiag file )See question 1) and we will work with you individually.

6. Quests lack descriptions.

Most of the quests will mark the map with an asterisk to show you where to go/what to do. Certain quests will not show any asterisks because the quest content requires you to discover areas/clues that are intentionally hidden. If you are unsure of what to do for a quest, please send us a 1:1 inquiry.

7. Higher player limit for Region Wars.

We will take this into consideration and increase the limit if necessary.

8. Assault teams do not serve any purpose.

We are planning on adding party wars within region wars. Currently, that system does not exist, therefore, when you join Region War, you were put into a random party. When we add the party war system in the future, you will be able to join as a party or an assault team.

9. Benefits of Region War?

Region Wars will give you rewards such as EXP and fame. Fame can be used to restore lost EXP. We are also planning on adding a fame shop in which you can purchase special items using fame.

10. Classes are not balanced.

Classes do not all share the same strengths and weaknesses. There are classes that are strong in PVE, but will not be the best in PVP. Each one is unique. Each class has the potential to become powerful in its own way, and we encourage you to discover the best way to make your character strong!

11. Fighting animation needs work.

We are working on improving the system, and we look forward to hearing recommendations from you. If you have any suggestion regarding the animation, effects, or sounds, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

12. I can only change faction by deleting all my characters.

Your faction, Azurian or Firean, is account based, and it applies to all your characters. Therefore, you cannot have characters of opposing nations on the same account. This is consistent with the story and the basis of the game.

13. The game is too hard and I don’t earn enough money to buy items/skills.

This is something we are looking into, and we will work on making the game more playable for everyone.

14. Some options in Graphic Settings don’t work.

Some graphic options, such as anisotropic filtering, do not seem to work. This makes the graphics smoother, but you may not notice a big difference unless you examine the graphics carefully.

15. I can’t find the quest to get a dragon pet

According to the quest, you are meant to “stumble” upon this quest, therefore, the NPC is not shown on the map. If you have trouble finding it, however, please check out the GM Diary section for a guide on getting and hatching your dragon egg.

16. The drop rate of the Hatchling Blessing Scroll is too low

This is intended to be a rare item, but we will look into this concern.

17. Where are the flying mounts?

In CBT, players could not obtain their own flying/dragon mounts. Players will be able to obtain a variety of mounts in OBT, including flying mounts and dragon mounts.

18. The exp rate is too low and it takes too long to level up

We are currently looking into this concern, and we will try to improve the system if needed.

19. There aren’t enough quests after level 20

We are planning on adding more quests into the game!

20. There weren’t enough customization options

We are planning on adding more customizations such as hairstyles in character creation for OBT!

21. If I did the survey event, which mount will I receive in OBT?

After you make a character, you can click on the Event button ingame to get the mount according to your nation in OBT.

22. Is the game open?

The game is currently not opened. We are in the process of fixing bugs and making changes to the game based on player feedbacks. The game will be open in March, 2012.

23. Can I play this game from [insert country here]?

Yes, you can. We are not blocking any country.

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