RaiderZ Defender Skill Tree Guide

RaiderZ Defender Skill Tree Guide by pepperminthippo

Here is the Defender Skilltree


One Handed Weapon Mastery

Defense Mastery

Combat Mastery

Shield Rush 1

Shield Rush 2

Shield Rush 3

Strike of Chaos

Strike of Gale

Massive Strike 1

Massive Strike 2

Massive Strike 3

Rapid Assault 1

Rapid Assault 2

Strike of Ruin 1

Strike of Ruin 2

Strike of Ruin 3

Bastion 1

Bastion 2

Bastion 3

Shield Bash: Silence

Impact Deflection 1

Impact Deflection 2

Impact Deflection 3

Shout of Battlefield

Shout of Encouragement

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