RaiderZ Endgame Guide

RaiderZ Endgame Guide by alyanthe

Hitting level 34 without help may seem a little overwhelming, so much to do!

So I will explain a few things here.

Epic Dungeons
There are 3 Epic dungeons in RaiderZ at this time, these are:
Epic Saint Fhannel Monastery
Epic Contaminated Garden
Epic Catacomb of the Damned

To enter an epic dungeon you will need a key/rune. Keys/Runes can be acquired from a daily quest which can usually be found somewhere at the entrance of the dungeon. Each daily quest will provide you three keys.
[key]Shinbone Key[key] – Catacomb of the Damned: “What does a Ghost Horse eat?” – From: Graveyard Caretaker Eugene.
[key]Holy Symbol of Brune[key] – Saint Fhannel Monastery: “The Bell Tolls Again” – From: Scout Humphrey

Unlike Saint Fhannel Monastery and Catacomb of the Damned, the Contaminated Garden key quest is not located at the entrance of the dungeon; you will find this quest in “Shapine Lake”.
[key]Wine-Entwined Key[key] – Contaminated Garden: “Rampant Bonbons” – From: Lead Investigator Minus.

Also to enter a dungeon you need an admission quest, admission quests can be recognized by the tag, for example: “[Admission] Stab some pork”.

Admission quests go as follows:
Epic Contaminated Garden: “[Admission] Resilient Plants”
Epic Saint Fhannel Monastery: “[Admission] Power of Resurrection”
Epic Catacomb of the Damned: “[Admission] Where is the Jar of Life?”

And finally: You MUST have completed the normal version of the dungeon you’re going to, before you can enter the epic version.

Summary: To enter an epic dungeon you will need a key and an admission quest. As long as someone remains inside the epic dungeon, you are allowed to leave and re-enter without needing to use another key.

Hellhound/Epic Monsters
Hellhound quests/Epic monster quests are quests for solo’ists mainly, as the party versions of these quests are considered too time consuming. These quests allow one or up to 5 party members to enter an instanced area and battle previously defeated monsters such as Fleetfoot or Goblin Golem, along with some new ones, like Gember or Viva. These quests are located in the town of Ingen, which is infamous for a lot of spam.

What is required?
To enter one of these quests you need an Eye of Distortion, although most people call these “keys”; as they work on a similar mechanic.

Eye of Distortion is acquired from a daily quest that you attain from Gray Fox, who is standing in that very same room; Just like any other daily key-quest, this will give you three keys.

How to start?
Once you have all the required things, you speak to: Request Manager Rania and pick either a party or a solo quest of your choice.
Once that is done, you speak to Madame M, and she will send you on your way!

Note: If any party member dies during a Hellhound quest, they will be put into a bubble after resurrection, and they will be unable to help until the monster dies or the rest of the party dies.

RaiderZ is a game about armor, swords, staves and a ton of monster bits that are required to make them. Sometimes you look and realize “Why do I have no earrings?… Where’s my 2nd ring?… Why am I wearing a level 8 necklace?”, I am here to answer your question.

Armor and where to find it.
Chest/Legs/Gloves/Boots/Helmets [Good] – Fungus
Chest/Legs/Gloves/Boots/Helmets [Epic] – Epic dungeons
Earrings – Hellhound quests
Rings [Good] – Rietz sewers champion monsters (Cetabel, Gerion, Ogis, June, Sothia)
Rings [Epic] – Saint Fhannel Monastery (Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire)
Rings [Epic] – Epic Mt. Eda
Ring [LEGENDARY] – Ghost Rider
Necklaces – Saint Fhannel Monastery (Light, Judgement)
Weapons [Good] – Yillis/Fungus/Poluto
Weapons [Great] – Epic Contaminated Garden
Weapons [Epic] – Epic Monastery/Epic Catacombs

Wolf Mount
This mount can be obtained by participating in events and completing quests in Epic Mt. Eda. Lycian mount requires Trustworthy rank with one of the two factions and it requires 1800 coins. After you get your Lycian mount you can craft gift boxes from the crafter of your chosen faction and these have a chance to contain an item which allows you to upgrade your Lycian.
The upgraded versions of this mount are VERY rare, as the item required to make it takes up to 500 boxes to be attained.

What is the purpose of Chimera?
Chimera materials are mainly required for cooking and crafting Greater Emeralds in Rietz.

Daily quests!
A daily quest is indicated with a green “!” above an NPCs head, these quests can be completed once per day, and many of these quests reward keys/reputation for their completion.
There are a lot of daily quests around the world of Rendel, many of them can also be used for experience gain.

Daily quest reset time!
Daily quests reset at 7:30AM eastern time!

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps. If anything is missing, please let me know! :)

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