RaiderZ Berserker Basic Guide

RaiderZ Berserker Basic Guide by theamused92

Hi my name is Decimates and I am currently playing the closed beta as a pure zerker. I figured I’d take the time to write a quick guide to the class, and share some of the things I’ve learned. Note this information is only from the current closed beta and the cap is level 30. Info is subject to change with updates/patches.

“This style deals heavy damage, but lacks speed and agility. Skills from this style are able to knock down opponents.”

> 08/11 – Guide was created
> 08/12 – New gear section added

-Very high dps (Especially from critting)
-Strong cc in instanced parties (Knockdowns)
-Decent health/defence
-High payoff for landing skills

-Very slow channel times
-Low mobility/easily kited
-Not as tanky as a defender but has to be in attack range so takes more damage

All skill percentages/cost rates are shown as rank 1.

Knocks down the enemy, dealing damage equal to 140% of physical attack. This attack cannot be blocked.
-Consumes 20 Stamina
-10 second cooldown

I suggest maxing this skill for its high damage rate. This is your main knock down skill.

Buffalo charge
Charges the enemy with your weapon and strike 3 times, dealing damage equal to 70% of Physical Attack with each strike.
-Consumes 25 stamina
-15 second cooldown

Leave this skill at level 1. You can use it for escaping and positioning yourself in fights, but it is a useful enough skill to get. Consider a utility skill rather than high damage.

Restores 50 Stamina. If Outrage is active this skill also restore 50 hp and removes Outrage.
-Consumes 50 energy
-Cooldown 32 seconds

The 50 hp is a typo in game and is false. It heals for a percentage of your hp, though I haven’t calculated the percentage yet. Max this as it is your only self heal. It will get you out of close calls and also helps with questing/grinding.

Two hand mastery
Increases Physical Attack by 2% while wielding a two-handed sword or mace.

Max this as it is adding to your damage, and that’s what zerkers are all about.

Dodge attack
Dodges an enemy’s attack while simultaneously dealing damage equal to 120% of Physical Attack.
-Stamina cost 15
-Cooldown is 14 seconds

I would max this as the damage is a nice addition for a free instant dodge. Timing is everything for this skill, so cast it right before you get hit to dodge.

Triggers the Outrage effect.
-Energy cost 66
-Cooldown is 1m 30 seconds

I have read that this isn’t something you should max or get. I disagree entirely. Being in Outrage mode is when a berserker shines. It greatly increases your damage. Max this.

No Mercy
Damage of physical critical hits is increased by 5%.

Max this as it increases your critical hits. Very important passive.

Furious Dash
Increases movement speed by 40% for 4 seconds or until a skill is used. Outrage Focus is required.
-Energy cost is 50
-Cooldown is 30 seconds

This is basically your escape skill. I will leave this one up to your personal play style. If you’re going to be pvping this skill is a must as it is enables you to chase.

Deals damage equal to 150% of Physical Attack.
-Stamina cost is 25
-Cooldown is 14 seconds

Max this. This skill is casted incredibly fast and deals quite a bit of damage. It casts in an arc so is basically a frontal aoe.

Upward Strike
Deals damage equal to 120% of Physical attack while dodging an enemy’s attack. Grants the identify weakness effect if the dodge is successful.
-Stamina cost is 25
-Cooldown is 10 secons

I am still experimenting with this skill. The Identify Weakness buff slightly increases your crit. It’s another free dodge so I would put at least 1 point into this. Don’t max as the damage increase isn’t significant enough.

Jumps up and strikes the ground, dealing damage equal to 240% of Physical Attack and knocking down affected enemies. Outrage Focus Required. This skill is unblockable
-Stamina cost is 35
-Cooldown is 20 seconds

This is my favorite skill. It deals an insane amount of damage, especially when it crits. Max this. It also can also knockdown several enemies.

Rip Out Wound
Passive. Your critical physical attacks cause the target to bleed, taking damage relative to your physical attack every 2 seconds. Increases critical hit by 3% and reduces movement speed by 10%

This skill is currently bugged. We gain no crit increase and the target is not slowed. The DoT does work howerver, and gives just a little bit of a damage increase. For this closed beta I wouldn’t suggest using this.

Deals damage equal to 140% of Physical Attack and kocks the enemy back. This skill is unblockable.
-Stamina cost is 30
-Cooldown is 21 seconds

Put at least 1 point into this as it is another form of cc.

Armageddon Crush
Attacks twice, dealing damage equal to 80% of Physical Attack with each strike.
-Stamina cost is 25
-Cooldown is 24 seconds

Max this skill as it is another form of cc and has nice damage.

Deals damage equal to 180% of Physical Attack. Can only be used after Crush or Upward Strike. This skill is unblockable.
-Stamina cost is 20
-Cooldown is 3 seconds

Max this skill. It deals a lot of damage at max rank and cannot be blocked.

Removes immobilization effects and leaps backward, increasing movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds.
-Stamina cost is 10
-Cooldown is 35 seconds

This will be left to your play style as well. This is more of a pvp skill so if pvping this is a must.


These are automatically learned as you level up

Skill points used 5+

Increases Physical and Magic Attack and Critical hit by 10% for 15 seconds. This effect is triggered by chaining 8 consecutive attacks within a certain period of time or by using this Beserk skill.

Chain Armor Mastery
Allows you to equip chain armor.

Skill points used 10+

Style mastery: Berserker
Allows you to learn skills of other styles. (Allows you to hybrid class)

Skill points used 15+

Plate Armor Mastery
Allows you to equip plate armor.

Blood Thirst[
Reduces the number of hits needed to trigger Outrage by 1.

Skill points used 20+

Sustained Rage
Increases the duration of outrage by 5 seconds.

Skill points used 25+

Blood Thirst 2
Reduces the number of hits neeeded to trigger outrage by 2.

Skill points used 30+

Sustained Rage 2


You have a choice between a two handed sword or a two handed hammer. The stats are slightly different between the two. The blade has higher critical rates and gives agility whiles the hammer has higher strength and gives intelligence. This is a personal choice for this closed beta as the stat difference isn’t actually that huge. The sword is for more regular attack dps and the hammer is more for skill dps.

There are 4 armor types right now. Plate, Chain, Leather, and Cloth. Our armor class is Chain. We have the ability to wear plate, but this isn’t beneficial as it doesn’t give us strength or critical increases. Leather isn’t plausible because it doesn’t give as much hp/def as Chain. Go chain.

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