Glory Destiny Online Fighter Skill Point Distribution Guide

Glory Destiny Online Fighter Skill Point Distribution Guide by puchi

My opinion of Skillpoint distribution : Building a versatile tank

SP= Skill Point
dps= damager dealer

My goal was to use the versatility of the fighter class to adapt to most situations in the game. This was also to be able to duo dungeons with a healer. PvP-wise it’s decent.
One thing with this build is that you don’t need to change right click skills during combat, you have Charge on left click and Concussive strike on right click, all other skills activate only by clicking the shortcut you put them on whether you’re tanking or not

I tried to cover the 2 possible choices for second job.

(if you don’t know about fighter 2nd job

Since the level cap is 45, i tried to maximize important skills in my opinion, being able to be a decent dps and a good tank, i’ll plan to go for the tanky path of second job.

By using this build, since we don’t rely totally on skills to maximize our role for tanking or dpsing, we make the choice to use 2 kind of end game armor sets, one tanky and one Damage-Crit based (Charging/Dual shields set and Bloodthirsty/Homdop set, each with appropriate sigils for their purpose). The first will clearly focus on tanking difficult dungeons, the second for regular questing and farming (or dpsing in 5 party dungeon).
This also means we have 2 kind of merging pets, i’d take Wuwana/Kufeng/Kabazi for tanking and FierceWolf/Armored Grub/Desert crock/Furious bird for damage, 2 stars pets with first 2 merging skills lv3 if possible.

Same goes for jewelry-artifact.
I’d go for damage/crit or defence healing battleground jewelry, same for artifacts Red tattoo/Ancient call. Having a set of rings and necklace with resistances will be helpful for some bosses, be sure to grab some.

Weapon could be gloves or sword +5 minimum, +8-10 for best efficiency, gloves for more dps, sword for more tankiness or any for the better look you want.

For fashion, any green/blue fashion (best if embelled with HP capsule) will do.

This is the final distribution at lv45 tank second job path (personalised) :

This is the final distribution at lv45 dps second job path (personalised) :

Skill Distribution by level up till lv45 :

lv2 => Charge 1/10 SP LEFT : 0
lv3 => Doggedness 1/5 SP LEFT : 0
lv4 => save point SP LEFT : 1
lv5 => Doggedness 2/5, Warcry 1/5 SP LEFT : 0
lv6 => Charge 2/10 SP LEFT : 0
lv7 => save point SP LEFT : 1
lv8 => Whirlwind fist 1/10 SP LEFT : 1
lv9 => Doggedness 3/5 SP LEFT : 1
lv10 => War Spirit 1/5 (quest, no SP used), Challenge 1/5 SP LEFT : 1
lv11 => save point SP LEFT : 2
lv12 => Charge 3/10 SP LEFT : 2
lv13 => Doggedness 4/5 SP LEFT : 2
lv14 => save point SP LEFT : 3
lv15 => Innate awareness 1/3, Iron soul 1/5 SP LEFT : 2
lv16 => Concussive strike 1/10 SP LEFT : 2
lv17 => Doggedness 5/5 maxed SP LEFT : 2
lv18 => Charge 4/10 SP LEFT : 2
lv19 => save point SP LEFT : 3
lv20 => War spirit 2/5, Concentrate 1/5, Innate awareness 2/3 SP LEFT : 1
lv21 => Concussive strike 2/10, Persistence 1/5 SP LEFT : 0
lv22 => save point SP LEFT : 1
lv23 => save point SP LEFT : 2
lv24 => save point SP LEFT : 3
lv25 => Innate awareness 3/3 maxed, Persistence 2/5 SP LEFT : 2
lv26 => Concussive strike 3/10 SP LEFT : 2
lv27 => save point SP LEFT : 3
lv28 => save point SP LEFT : 4
lv29 => Persistence 3/5 SP LEFT : 4
lv30 => War spirit 3/5 SP LEFT : 4

At this level you have to make a choice for second job, getting charge to lv7 minimun at 45 (when going dps second job) or getting Wirlwind fist to lv7 at lv 45 (when going tank second job). You can play around with the 4 SP left, then reset when you are sure of your choice before lv31 (since it doesn’t need water of Lethe).

I made the decision to go for tanky path.

lv31 => Concussive strike 4/10, Whirlwind fist 4/10 SP LEFT : 1
lv32 => Whirlwind fist 5/10 SP LEFT : 1
lv33 =>  Persistence 4/5 SP LEFT : 1
lv34 => save point SP LEFT : 2
lv35 => save point SP LEFT : 3
lv36 => Concussive strike 5/10, Wirlwind fist 6/10 SP LEFT : 2
lv37 => Persistence 5/5 maxed SP LEFT : 2
lv38 => save point SP LEFT : 3
lv39 => save point SP LEFT : 4
lv40 => War spirit 4/5 mxed (for our cap) SP LEFT : 4

From this perspective you have 4 SP left + 5 SP to come till 45, 4 SP will be used to max Concussive strike, Whirlwind fist, Resolution.
You have 5 SP to invest in whatever you want, either for more HP, more crit, more STR or many combinations. You can even max Charge if you’re TOTALLY undecided about second job path like this:

My Preference will go to Run speed, thus maxing Feather steps because combined with run speed pet and run speed sigil you’ll get a nice 19% run speed which makes easier dodging magic spells from bosses and getting back to mobs when you lose aggro.

lv41 => Concussive strike 6/10, Whirlwind fist 7/10 maxed (for our cap), Resolution 1/5,  Featherstep 2/5 SP LEFT : 0
lv42 => Featherstep 3/5 SP LEFT : 0
lv43 => Featherstep 4/5 SP LEFT : 0
lv44 => Featherstep 5/5 maxed SP LEFT : 0
lv45 => Resolution 2/5 maxed (for our cap) SP LEFT : 0

Now, in depth explanations :

-I don’t max Jab because it doesn’t worth sacrificing Concussive strike. In second job, jab specialization comes with a 5% block rate along with the physical damage reduction, but this might only be useful for dungeon while Concussive strike offers me some damage output necessary for farming and boss killing using kitting method. It’s still something to test out when 2nd job is out.

-Charge to lv4 only, 1.8s stun is necessary for hit and run methods and also useful for pvp.

-Whirlwind fist to lv7, this is necessary to unlock Whirlwind fist Specialization reducing cooldown by 40%. With Warcy and the second job aoe skill i can continuously throw enemies into the air without them touching the ground. Also Whirlwind fist at lv7 grants 2m more in its range compared to lv1.

-Warcry lv1, see previously the combination with Whirlwind fist, before second job it’s the only second aoe we have to maintain surrounding ennemies into the air, with a healer having at least 1 aoe skill, it’s perfect to keep enemies into the air (considering your partner and you have good timings).
For the dps path, lv1 warcry + lv1 Whirlwind fist is still very useful to clean easily big group of mobs using the same method described previously.

-Iron aura lv1, maxing it gives only 4% hp more than lv1 which can be covered with good HP sigils and blue/green fashion and capsule upgrading

-Concentrate lv1, if you have a critical set gear, this is useful, if you have a critical dps partner he’ll be overjoyed.

-Challenge lv1, that’s a hell of a good aggro aoe skill, that doesn’t need to put on right click to cast, for 5-man dungeons, it’s a must to save your healer and dps, this is why fighter can tank so well.

-Innate awareness lv3 maxed, since magic attacks from boss hurt so much, and that goes for pvp too, this is mandatory to have the max resistance we can.

-Doggedness/Persistence/Resolution tree maxed, for defense and HP, useful for all purpose.

-Featherstep maxed, i explained before, i like run speed for tanking boss, but this is really a personal choice ;3

-War spirit maxed, does it even need an explanation?

Conclusion :

We covered the skill distribution up till 45, with this build we don’t need to reset for second job right the way, we can test out Whirlwind fist specialization (40% CD reduction), the new aoe and the tier 10 skills such has the 20% (all damage) reduction, the removing debuff passive when attacked and the HP-Eva passive.

I can’t predict the use of those skills because we need to test out their effectiveness, their CD, etc…
Only Jab specialization is left out, to me it’s not that of a great deal, if our versatile build for second job fails miserably, then we could still reskill.

If you got Charge to lv7 minimum instead of Whirlwind fist and choose the dps second job path, it’s the same, you can test out pretty much all interesting skills with more SP (7) to add in whatever you want as you can see :

THX for reading!

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