Glory Destiny Online Archer Skill Point Distribution Guide

Glory Destiny Online Archer Skill Point Distribution Guide by 水果仔

Before i start.. some points to clarify
1. This is until level 60
2. This includes 2nd job skills
3. This is just my own build
4. This can be achieved by anyone even if you are just a starter

Having some fun with my girls..
Aren’t they CUTEEEEE…..

Now let’s look at my stats
As shown..mine is lv 59 Magic Archer..
The armor is just +5 i guess nobody has big problem getting it.
My Weapon is +10.. Pretty lucky as i get it done using only 1/10 amount of Protective Crystal as compare to my other guildmates with 100 over..
All My Gears has Sigils on Mostly is Orange, only 1 is Blue
and it is an instance set…
why didnt i get pvp set?
The pvp here.. is just..too… OVERPOWERED!
Although winning = 3 coins, losing = 1 coin..
but its really a waste of time for me..
Some of you might has notice my fashion gears..
Those is just some cheap ones..
[Starting from Left]
The White Angel Wing +5% atk, 5% Healing.
The Dark Halo Angel Wing +5% Health Points.
The Ducky is White Word.. no effect T__T
The Blue water Gun +2% atk, 2% healing.
The Rose +1% resistance to all..
Total Price of all these = like 200Golds or less..

Now my skill builds
kk.jpg klll.jpg

My build mainly focus on clearing instance and also for fastest mobbing ability..
Eventhough my damage might not be as high as others expected, but i had totally no problem on clearing any instance, be it a 5 mans instance

How did i do that?
Looking at 2nd job. there’s a skill that i raise it to level 4. it actually increase my Ice/Fire arrow’s area.
with level 4, im almost hitting the same area as Sorcerer’s Blizzard XD
If i’m gonna do a speed run on Dangerous Jade Forest Instance, the time would be around 10~15mins.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    which pet you use to merge with?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The guides are pretty straight forward because your 2nd class is going to determine what you will excel at. If you are a physical archer, you will be playing as a Marskman ( when you change classes later on.
    If you look at the link, it will show you which skills the classes enhance, so basically your early build will have to be based off that and get passive skills that improve your style.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What do you mean PvP is overpowered? if so what class do you think is the best for PvP at the lvl 60 cap

  4. Anonymous says:

    do you have any guide for physical archer?
    and what equip (weapon) should i craft ? im currently lv35 bow user.

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