Glory Destiny Online Dungeon Party Tips

Glory Destiny Online Dungeon Party Tips by 水果仔

1 : Player
2 : Player
3 : Player [Tanker]
4 : Healer
5 : Player
Start = Boss
To fight the boss easily and safest way…

Tanker would just pull the Boss to a corner, this would allow when Boss uses their skill which shots in 4 directions.. in the picture, this would make it safe for others as only tanker gets hit..
Player 1,2,5 could be Archer, Assasin, Sorcerer ..etc..

Don’t just attack like there’s no tomorrow let the Tanker hit more to create enough Aggression so the Boss would target him only.. So attackers to know how to control your fires hit 3 times, rest 2 times..

Healer, don’t just heal like no tomorrow if you does, your healing actually creates a lot Aggression which might attact the Boss.. so heal only when tanker gets hit or you know is quite dangerous amount of HP might OHKO, if is 499/500.. you should know what i mean

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  1. well, i play shaman, pure heal. sometimes its very hard to try not to heal tank… its just like every second is life and death situations.. ^0^ IGN: Valkey [shaman] mainly at ch 4

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