Carte Online TCG Installation Guide

Carte Online TCG Installation Guide by APRico

Installation process:
You can download automatically and install Carte with Pando Media booster on next link:
Or you can use direct link for game if you have problems with Pando:

Now install Carte, setup your firewall and antivirus (add them to exception list – if it triggers virus alert its just false positive because of game protection soft called X-term). You must have minimum directx 9.0C installed. After installation (for win 7/Vista run it in admin mode) setup your firewall and antivirus by adding exception Carte.exe, main.exe (in main Carte folder) and XTrap.xt (in XTrap folder).

So far it seams that bitdefender doesn’t like X-term so you should deinstall bitdefender before you install Carte, then install Carte, setup firewall, run Carte so it can update itself and then install again Bitdefender. After this setup your Bitdefender by adding Carte.exe, main.exe and XTrap.xt to exception list. Its same tactic for other AV if you have problems

Regarding users with windows 7 or Vista you should setup Carte.exe, main.exe and XTrap.xt to be run in admin mode before you start Carte.

I noticed that during installation process Carte also update directx so if you have problems download latest directx installation that your windows can use (minimum is directx 9.0C). Directx is updated every few months but its not updated with windows update process. If this don’t help try to install directx 9.0C from next link:;=en

Just for note BitDefender and COMADO antiviruses/firewalls have problems with X-TRAP protection on many games. My advice deinstall it and use Microsoft security essential or Avast who are free and good enough…..

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