Carte Online TCG Kaideron Creature Killing Deck Guide

Carte Online TCG Kaideron Creature Killing Deck Guide by kinhyu

This deck is based off Doran Rock from Magic the Gathering TCG, modifed to suit Carte gameplay

So basically you summon lesser demon/gargoyle (3 dmg per) to kill them while using spells to kill off defenders or attackers, need quite of a bit of strategy planning out
(TIP you can redraw your starting hand by pushing F2, you take 1 dmg but worth it if you you get stuck with no shard hand, you can use it twice if you go second)

Chelcia (decent hp, -1/-1 for killing stuff or -2 to hero to finish them off)

4x Lesser Demon (imo one of best card in Carte 1 mana for 3/1 is OP, even if u take 1 dmg per turn)
2x Swarm (1/1 creature can be used to -1/-1 stuff)
4x Banshee (2/1 with finishing blow, finish off creature after -1/-1 them)
2x Gargoyle (3 dmg to hero)
1x Vampire Guide (1/2 that can eat your own creature for +1/1, like little vampire, its viable sometimes usefull)
4x Doppelganger (you get 2, 2/1 for 3 mana… so worth it, you can always -1 AP to swarm and use it’s effect)
1x Hand of Azel ( 3 mana 3/2 creature, wtih 3 effect, BETTER versions of skull hound, more versatile, can be used in more situation but RARE so I do not have any right now, but definitely better than Skull hound, only drawback compared to skull hound is that skull hound is summoned with finishing blow, Hand of Azel wont have it til summoning sickness is gone, so next turn)
2x Skull Hound (bigger version of Banshee)
2x Necromancer (3/3 that can be sacrifice to do -3/3 for only 4 mana)
2x Black knight (4/3 that can lose 1 hp to do -1/1 on stuff 1 hp for -1/1 seem fair trade for me XD)
2x Dread Lich (2/2 + -1/1 skill built in, 2 card in one pretty much worth it imo for 5 mana)
1x Lord of Darkness ( 6 mana so lot of cards doesn’t work on it, -1 AP to little creature helps, but mainly for the 5 damage per turn)

Spells: Cast
2x Harsh Torture (it finish off a creature with 1 hp for 1 mana, so it kills 3/1 with 1 mana…..)
3x Dark Phobia (simple -1/-1 for 2 mana, many versitle use, kill stuff with 1 hp, help with finishing blow, etc)
4x Contract with Devil (3 mana sacrifice a creature, draw 3 card SOOOO GOOOd, you get card advantage over opponent, you use 1 card on the field, probably useless one, or lesser imp if its killing you, 1 card [Contract with Devil] card it self, for 3 brand new card)
3x Darkest Shadow (3 mana to kill pretty much anything, with little hp of hero as extra cost, worth it if you use it right, say you have lessor imp on field, they have 2/1 defender, you use it lose 1 hp they lose defender and 3 hp from lessor imp)

Spells: Burst
2x Pestilence (SURPRISE -2/2, opponent think they can kill your creature? make them think again)

1x Orb of Destruction (It kills stuff that been damaged, sounds awesome but, mana cost are too pricey and not used at much for me, but don’t get me wrong its not bad)

18x Ritual (other shard does not give you extra card, or make you lose precious hp for a late turn card, and for contagion 1 that does not get used, because all their creature should be dead)

Death (funny if u use it when they have 1 creature and u have none)
The Devil (similar to death but try to kill off their small creature with other spell and save if for big creature)
The Hermit (more card = more kill spells)
The Tower (1 dmg to everything over lvl 3, most of your creature are 1 hp but they are below lvl 3, so it helps dmg bigger creature for finishing blow or other spells)

Assassin of Silentclaw (3 mana 2/1 creature, if summoned on odd turn -1 AP to target, if even -1 HP to target, the -1 HP is awesome , -1AP is ehhh in this deck format, and I don’t like random chance since all your turns are even or odd……. but good card)
Bloodthirster (5 for 4/3 that gains +1/1 if it kills a creature, with all other -1/1 and stuff opponents creature should be easy to kill, but also rare card….. harder to get)
Murderer of Zarkhan (4 for 3/3 with finishing blow, 1 more maman for 1 more hp compared to skull hound hmmmm fair trade? not bad imo but 1 mana bring down lot of speed which is one of big component of this deck but still viable)
Devotee of Haken (1 for 1/1 that can gain +1 hp if played on even turn awesome 1 mana card if you are willing to gamble, go first and you will have game advantage but this card will be 1 for 1/1 go second be delayed in game but have 1 for 1/2, VERY viable but I dont like to have uncertainty)
Pale Blue Moon (2 for 0/3 that can turn into bloody moon(2/4 settlement, overawed 2 deal 1 dmg to opponent creature +1/-1), good card but kinda slow for my preference of game play, but very viable once turned into bloody moon, also -1/1 when it died in battle)
Bloody moon (5 for 2/4 that does 1 dmg and get +1/-1 and turn to pale blue moon at 1hp, 1 dmg syngerys very well with many other kill cards that is phrased “destroy/killl damaged creature” + finishing blow but once again 5 mana is alot)
Scream of Ghost (5 for -1/1 to all creature including your own, makes green soul calling, 1/1 summon stuff deck so much easier to deal with)
Suppression of Desire (1 mana for burst giving creature puller “move battle creature to attack zone” draw one card, drawing one card and only mana cost can mean you get your card refreshed after using it, but its effect is nto realyl good)

CARDS I WOULD USE IF IT WAS OUT (maybe obtain form crafting?) episode 2 stuff
Argosian Immortal
Curse of Obelisk
Doppelganger on Stackout
Runaway Vampire
Second Head of Ahreujen

So pretty much you try to take control of the board, keep card advantage, kill creature they summon, and win

suggestions are welcome

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