Uprising Empires Age 3 Population Problem Solution Guide

Uprising Empires Age 3 Population Problem Solution Guide by Elmindreda

Hi all,

You are Age 2 and you have no idea how to get to age 3, especially because your population is blocked at 280 (or less) in your home city. Well, the solution is to build a new city. This is how to do it :

1) research city limit lvl1 in the university

2) build one colonizer (you don’t need more)

3) find a nice empty village in the midde map (when you hover your mouse around, it show percentages, chose one that suits you, not too far from your city)

4) form an army with (a hero and) the colonizer

5) in the middle map, select the desired empty village and click on “build city” to send your colonizer (and hero)

6) build/upgrade in your new city (and in your home one) to reach a population of 500

You will not be able to send any military troops to this city for 12 hours. Be sure to have some trade carts available in your home city to give it a ressource boost by sending them in the second city.

That’s it !

Enjoy the game !

PS : don’t forget the other requirements (army, research)

Additional Info by Hortaa

Adding to the strategy…This is the solution for population and gold. Building as many towns as fast as you can is best. There is no down side to having as many towns as you can. There are only good things to be had, more gold collected, more resources to use, more troops trained and more places to research. To quote a friend….

“You Need Population? Need GOLD?…Build another town!…You ask How?…Learn in the university city limit to level 1-6. Build one colonizer in the civil center. Form a army with one colinizer. Attack a empty city space on the middle map. You now have another town !!” HairyApe

He is correct. And do not worry if it gets attacked, you still get it’s benefit of research, training, gold, and resources you use while on line. It would be good to have many towns and place them at least 15 spaces apart so you can farm different towns than your other towns do. This is the key to success! If they are 20 spaces apart, each town can farm has 20 space circle to farm and still reinforce in 20mins or less.

Good Luck Hortaa

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  1. Blanko says:

    I have a second city, and I’ve upgraded all of the city structures to level 10- the highest I can go, and I still have not reached a 500 population! Any ideas on how to quickly get to age 3?

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