Uprising Empires Various Characteristics Guide

Uprising Empires Various Empires’ Characteristics Introduction Guide by UE

Kingdom of Jerusalem
• Established in 1099AD after the First Crusade; The Kingdom of Jerusalem has been the epicenter of bloody battles and religious wars for countless generations with both Muslim and Christian’s claiming ownership of the territory.

• Army traits:
Strongest infantry
Well balanced defensive power and speed attributes

• Elite Unit:
Knight Templar

Byzantine Empire
• Formed from the Roma Empire in 330AD the Byzantine Empire lasted for over 1,000 years and throughout its eventful history was often locked in brutal battles with nearby Empires and smaller faction groups within its territories.

• Army traits:
Strongest Calvary units
Tough defenders with strong defensive firepower.

• Elite Unit:

The Turks
• Lasting from 1299 – 1923 AD, the Ottoman Empire’s defining moment came after the successful conquest of the Byzantine governed city of Constantinople in 1453AD which cemented their status as the preeminent power in both southeastern Europe and the eastern Mediterranean.

• Army traits:
Strong and fast Archer Calvary units
All rounded infantry and archer attributes

• Elite Unit:

The Mongols
• Regarded as one of the most powerful and largest contiguous empire in history; the Mongol’s founded and led in 1205 AD by Ghengis Khan, captured the large part of Asia and Eastern Europe amassing a population of over 100 million and 22% of the Earth.

• Army traits:
Slow but destructive firepower
Fast Calvary that can carry a large amount of loot

• Elite Unit:

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