Uprising Empires FAQ

Uprising Empires Frequently Asked Questions by Nimrod

In the daily quests the first one is Egyptian scouts. Who do I scout?

First, read the mission Objective carefully and see if you were asked to attack, defend, rob or spy.
Supposed if you were told to attack the Egyptian Scouts – you have to go to the middle map and search for something that reads like this: “Egyptian Army (Mission) Level 3”. You can mouse-over to fields around your city to check which is the right one. NOTE: Targets generated for daily missions normally DO NOT contain any resources. Once confirmed your target, you can invade it. If it was successful, you may then claim the daily mission rewards.

How do I get gold for research?

There are 2 ways to get gold. First, by completing a daily mission that gives gold, or you may also get regular gold by collecting your city’s income tax which can be collected from your “City Centre” in each of your cities one by one.

Can i transfer resources between cities?

Transferring of resources between your own cities is allowed. Transferring of resources between players is not allowed but an alternative of transferring resources is possible by “Trading”, which can be done once you have unlocked the “Market” when you reached Age II.

You may build [Trade Cart] units in “Civil Centre” and use them in “Market” to do ‘Transfer Resources’ between your own cities.

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