Super MNC Setting up Products and Endorsements Guide

Super MNC Setting up Products and Endorsements Guide by TheBob

There has been a bit of confusion about this in the forums and in game so I figured I would just make this post we could point to. So here it goes. Setting up products so you have them auto selected when you start a match.From the home screen you will click on locker room. Click on Endorsements or Products.
You should see this


Select a product set from the drop down list. Name it whatever you like. The drag in whatever products you wanna use. Click save. Now you have your products and can use them in game.

To make it so you do not have to select it every round you will have to make custom classes. A bit of a pain in the butt at first, but once you find a class or two that you main then it really isn’t much work.

While you are still in the locker room you click on custom class. Make a new one if you don’t have any. Then you will see this


Rename your class something more descriptive than custom class 1. Then click select pro. Pick the pro that you want to have the endorsements and click done. Then click on products or endorsements.


Not you will see the same drop down as before were you can select the product build you made a few minutes ago. So select it and click done. While you are still in the custom class screen you can select any outfit and taunts that you want to be default. Then click save and click make default.

Once this is done any time you pick that pro he/she will have all the stuff you like without scrambling to select it all. Just remember if you edit a endorsement or product set that a pro is using it will edit it for the custom class as well.

Hope this helps fill free to comment on my bad grammar or anything else.

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