Super MNC Assassin Guide

Super MNC Assassin Guide by Marmalade


1) Skills
2) Skill Order
3) Endorsements and Products
4) Wat do
5) Player Killing
6) Notes

1) Skills:

Smoke bomb:

Blinds enemy pros for about a second and slows them, decreasing their rate of fire, accuracy and movement speed, also stuns bots, turrets, firebases and combat kitties, completely disabling them for a few seconds.

Use it to disorient and slow down enemy players to prevent them from escaping, properly fighting back or chasing you. Use it on bots to deactivate them and help yourself / teammates / your team’s bots / your team’s turrets clean them up. Use it on turrets, firebases and combat kitties to prevent them from shooting your teammates, you or your bots while you either destroy them or kill the support / combat girl who deployed them.


Makes your name and your healthbar invisible for enemy players, also makes you completely invisible for enemy turrets, firebases, combat kitties and bots. Cloak doesn’t break when you use sword / dagger slashes, lunge or shurikens.

Use it to clear bots without taking damage, dive close / behind enemy turrets, to collect pick-ups and destroy enemy fortifications without them targeting you. Also use it while being in the jungle to make jungle bots ignore you and either stupidly stand around or attack enemy players instead.


Makes you jump way up, the direction of the jump is determined by which of the keys you’re holding down while jumping. The jump height can be increased further by performing a normal jump before using the skill.

Use it for jumping into the jungle area without buying jump pads (in the beginning of the match for example), escaping, chasing enemy players who are too far away and preventing ring outs by leaping back onto the map.

2) Skill Order:

Offense is top priority since it greatly increases all of your dps and gives you the sword at level 4. Defense is second priority since you need to get into melee and stay here without dying. Smoke bomb is important since you’ll have to use it in pretty much every engagement against enemy pros. Cloak and leap regenerate pretty quickly even without leveling them up, so leave them alone until late game.

Level 1 – Offense 2
Level 2 – Defense 2
Level 3 – Smoke bomb 2
Level 4 – Offense 3
Level 5 – Defense 3
Level 6 – Smoke bomb 3
Level 7 – Cloak 2
Level 8 – Offense 4
Level 9 – Defense 4
Level 10 -Smoke bomb 4
Level 11 – Cloak 3
Level 12 – Cloak 4
Level 13 – Leap 2
Level 14 – Leap 3
Level 15 – Leap 4

3) Endorsements and Products

Can’t really say much about endorsements since I haven’t been buying them yet.

simskiller wrote: Cheap “starting out” (if you only start using endorsemnts by 100 you should have AT LEAST 25k if not then 20k, I had 27-9k cc when I hit 100, you get the final endorsement slot at level 96) good also for support: … 2;7;2;7;2;

Money Magnet

Necessary for highest effectiveness in my opinion, allows to collect coins much quicker and from a larger distance and makes turret diving much easier. Really helps outlevel the enemy team.

Hot Hands

Pretty much mandatory too since it greatly amplifies grapple damage against light / medium classes. Also prevents health regen on the enemy for 5 seconds after each grapple, which is useful for hunting down low-health players.

Can’t Slow This

Renders the sin practically immune against slows like the Hurt Gun, Gunner Slam, Knee Cap etc. Useful for 1 vs 1 situations and escaping.

Other products I found to be useful for the assassin are Death Dodger, Spünky Lightning and InSpire.

4) Wat do:

Level 1 – 8

Right after the match starts, leap up into the jungle and kill early gremlins with the help of your smoke bomb and dagger. After that, it’s usually not worth it to stay in the jungle (in my opinion at least) since you get a way better LOS on the enemy bots on the lower level, are able to help your team set up ganks and grab all the pick-ups, so get down from there.
Kill bots. All the bots. Especially slims. Tag all the other bots. Use your shurikens for that, only go into melee if you’re sure that enemy players aren’t going to come up and gank you when you don’t expect it. Collect all the armor, churros and especially coins you encounter, you need to level up as fast as possible. Try to steal as many coins as possible from the enemy territory, use your cloak to dive close to their turrets, past enemy bots and all the other stuff. If you’re doing it right you’ll have about 1500$ by the 5 minute mark, so you should be ready to use the annihilator by the time it is up.
Pick off wounded / escaping players, people who are heavily out of position and newbs. If an enemy overextends and gets too close to your turrets / teammates / bots, grapple him so everyone else can finish him off. Don’t die, ever. It is very important that you get fed as hard as possible so you can at least partially outlevel the enemy team.

Level 8 – 12

At level 8 you can buy the sword, which gives you way more dps and higher grapple damage. At this point, you should still kill all the bots you encounter, preferably in melee since your cloak and the sword allow you to stand right inside a bot wave and hit all the bots simultaneously, cleaning them up incredibly fast.
Also, start hunting underleveled players. Look at the scoreboard and figure out which ones are lagging behind in terms of leveling and kill them over and over and over again. Find and kill all the enemies who are too far away from the rest of their team.Hunt down escaping and wounded players, especially the ones who are overextended, smoke bomb them and finish them off.
Push one lane as fast as possible and use your smoke bomb and cloak to take out enemy turrets. Switch to another lane as soon as the enemy team shows up.

Level 12 – 15

At this point, you should have secured an advantage of 1-2 levels if you did everything right. Use it to kill more stuff and level up even more. Jungle bots are great for quickly building up juice and armor since your grapples, smoke bomb and cloak allow you to take them out without taking any damage.

5) Player killing:

The assassin has 1 very basic approach for killing pros: lunge at them, smoke bomb, hold down left mouse button and jump around like a kangaroo on MDMA while delivering massive dps to the enemy with your sword. Perform a lot of random movements and block their escape path. Use both of your grapples to hold enemies in place and set up ganks when teammates are nearby. Backstabs are useful in 1 on 1 situations.
Avoid getting grappled at all costs.
Match ups in melee:
Sin >>> Gunslinger, Sniper (unless you’re stuck in an ice trap), Gunner, Support, Combat Girl, Cheston, Karl, Spark
Veteran, Wascot
Sin <<< Assault, Tank

6) Notes:


-Don’t always use your smoke bomb right at the beginning of an engagement against a pro, it’s often better to save it up for a certain moment, for example when a Cheston starts rampaging to push you away or when a Gunner tries to fly up as far as possible to get out of melee range.
-Go for things weaker than you as much as possible, the assassin doesn’t have to follow the samurai codex or some other stuff.
-If you have spare time, use it to kill bots and to PICK UP ALL THE THINGS
-Never pass up an opportunity to finish off a heavily wounded player. Even if they’re in their base, you can still activate your cloak and hunt them down.
-When fighting a CG, kill the kitties first and then the CG. When fighting a Support, kill the Support first and then the firebase.
-Use jungle bots to your advantage. Make them follow you, then engage an enemy player and activate cloak – the bots will proceed to attack the enemy instead of you, allowing you to either slash him to death or hold him in place with grapples while the bots kill him.
-Try to bounce ontop of the victim’s hitbox when fighting in order to be immune to grapples. The sword has a huge hit angle which will allow you to hit the enemy even from up here.

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