Super MNC Cheston Guide

Super MNC Cheston Guide by Zanarias


Cheston is OP right now, not in a mechanics sense, but just in the fact that he has way too high of everything stats wise; mobility, damage and true deeps, health, sustain, and CC. THIS MEANS YOU MUST ABUSE THIS TO THE FULLEST EXTENT POSSIBLE BEFORE IT’S NERFED. Here’s how.

Skill Order:

Level 1:Roar
Level 2:Barrel
Level 3:Offense
Level 4:Barrel
Level 5:Charge
Level 6:Roar
Level 7:Offense
Level 8:Barrel
Level 9:Roar
Level 10:Offense
Level 11:Charge
Level 12:Defense
Level 13:Charge
Level 14:Defense
Level 15:Defense

This build maximizes damage and utility, at the expense of some safety. The tradeoff isn’t much of an issue if you know when to use your Roar and if you know how to juke with charge, but if you can’t survive without it, then go die because this is a winner’s guide and winners choose damage.

Cheston is not strictly a damage character. I categorize him personally as a damage soak and utility punisher, along with the overarching Enforcer designation. He outputs a ton of damage if the enemy character slips up and excels at keeping himself alive, but has a lot of problems getting out if his escape routes are blocked off. Like most enforcers, he also excels in 1v1 situations. Despite his high damage potential, your NUMBER ONE GOAL AS CHESTON is to keep teammates alive and well. Roar is not a personal use only skill; if you are only using it this way you are using it wrong. If you’re missing 1/4th of your health, you don’t need to Roar, you need to save it for when your teammate comes spinning out of a corner with 300 assaults on his ass while he has 100 hp left. Along with that, soak some flipping damage. If you see a wounded teammate trying to run away, cover his ass and stand in front of the incoming fire/skills. You excel at this because you can typically escape way easily in these situations with jump charge and Roar. Be a teamplayer while you cut down the enemy team alone because you’re OP like that.

What to Do Early Game (Levels 1-5) :
Throw barrels, hit as many bots as possible at least once with any weapon you have, keep friendly players alive, collect pickups. Heal if friendlies are at half health or slightly above; most other members of your team, especially lighter classes, will need max health bars to make risky moves. Make sure that’s what their health is at as often as possible.

On SMNC2fort, eject as soon as you can once you get $250. Punish the guys who happen to get stuck on your side of the map with grapple lock up and Roar slow, and, if you can, Charge them back even further.

What to Do At First Annihilator Fight (on SMNC2fort):

-YOU NEED JUICE BEFORE THIS FIGHT STARTS-. Harass as much as you can while at the annihilator platform. Throw barrels, drain enemies down as much as you can, heal the team and keep the fight going. If you can’t get a grip on the annihilator, you get to SOLO THE ENEMY TEAM LIKE A HERO. Jump charge to the right of the annihilator zone and use the route by the jungle spawner to get behind the opponents. Throw a barrel, juice, jump charge in AND SHOOT EVERYTHING. If you’re quick you’ll have at least a single kill on your hands, and if the enemy team is slow you’ll have an entire team downed by your brilliant act of BRAVERY. Congratulations, you’re now heralded as the best Gorilla to ever live, and on top of it you nailed the annihilator and got 2 turret kills. Sweet!

What to Do At Mid Game (Levels 5-12):
Push bot lanes, clear turrets, throw barrels, and watch your teammates like a hawk. They’ll frequently be getting wounded and it’s your job to get to them, heal them, and then turn whatever fight they were in around in your favor. If you’re severely outgunned, try and cover your teammate while you both run. If you can’t save the teammate, get your own ass out with jump charge and use them as bullet and ability bait. It sucks you couldn’t save him, but it’s better than losing the both of you.

You’re most powerful when you flank an opponent, mostly due to your charge displacement. Use it as often as you can to push enemies into teammate grapple chains, it really helps out in the long run.

Punish players who think they can take you 1v1. Against targets with no escapes, Roar to slow, destroy with Tommy Gun. Against targets with escapes, Tommy Gun and pursue as best you can, and save Roar for healing since these classes typically damage you as much as you damage them. Against Veteran, charge to get him away from you initially, cut with Tommy Gun. Against Assassin, -only charge-, but make sure to not charge directly into it. Whittle the Sin down with the Charge pulse damage, then pursue once she’s less than half HP, using Roar if possible to slow. Against Snipers, STAY CLOSE AS HELL. You destroy these classes if you can STAY CLOSE. Use Charge to disable their easiest response (shooting you). When they’re low enough to start running, barrel and shoot.

What to Do Late Game (Levels 12-15):

Juice chain, cut foo’s. Juicing for a moneyball kill with Cheston is a viable strategy. He is typically able to solo the moneyball with one juice + a little extra time if there is even a remote distraction the enemy team has to attend to.

Additionally, do everything you did mid game, but do it better and faster than before due to mass cooldowns and boss stat boosts.

Additional Notes:
-Not a huge fan of the banana but it has its uses.

-You can arc the barrel. Use this to throw over walls and barriers. The current AOE splash is big enough for this to be a common way to finish off an opponent.

-Don’t aim the barrel at the people (unless it’s a cluster of them), aim for solid terrain the people are around. Combat Kitties are great to aim at since enemies like to cluster around them. SICK BURN. Walls work out too.

-Barrel no casty mid-air. Cheston too busy wailing arms.

-Jump charge lets you cross gaps you can’t normally jump in the jungle.

-Roar’s slowing effect should not be focused on outside of 1v1 situations. It’s unreliable and risky to try and set it up so it targets a bunch of opponents.

-Cheston houses most of his damage at close range, which sometimes means it’s difficult to maximize his ability. Use his mobility tool (Charge) to close distance and scare off opponents.

-Charge DPS is severely underestimated. Getting an opponent stuck in a corner is DEADLY.

-You are an OPPORTUNIST. Use failing battles to your advantage by using Roar to confuse and screw over enemies that are likely wounded themselves.

-If you don’t have situational awareness or don’t have Mumble, don’t play Cheston. Your team needs you and relies on you to be healing and paying attention to their health bars. Think Supports from League of Legends. You need to be playing like one on top of being a damage dealer.

-Roar has a targeting function. It does not always instantly lock on to opponents or friendlies once its cooldown has expired or when friendlies are in range. If the situation is not life-threatening, try and look for the red indicator. If your teammate isn’t going to survive unless you pop it that very second, do it. It’s better to have tried than to have stood by being derpy.

-Following the skill level list is the best way to maximize damage and utility. However, good players will use it -more as a guideline-. It’s up to you to understand that the level guide is not always the best way to handle every match, and it is variable. Be smart and adjust according to the situation.


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