Super MNC Assassin Turret Destroying Guide

Super MNC Assassin Turret Destroying Guide by chronomaster

Here’s how I play her.

The primary idea is that Assassin’s cloak has been changed significantly since MNC; while it retains the bot and turret evasion properties, cloak no longer breaks with any attack made. To make up for this, even with cloak you’re still highly visible to pros, and any grapple (whether your own or an opponent’s) breaks a cloak and puts you in the standard skill lock that grapples force.

Which is bad.

It makes chasing pros hard.

RockIt Turrets hurt, you know?

Anyways, this one weakness in the cloak forced me to reconsider just exactly what to do with all that cloak sitting around. Why waste a resource you can use, so I’ve decided to make her the dedicated turret ripper of the team.

Her skill priority mainly goes:

Offense > Cloak > Smoke Bomb > Defense > Super Jump*

Offense is a natural choice given it’ll make everything quicker overall. Taking down turrets, getting hits on passing Slims, Jungling, whatever. Cloak and Smoke Bomb play a dual purpose. Given the risky nature of focusing turrets (being behind enemy lines most of the time) you need your escapes ready, and being able to extend your travel options out of a bad situation is nice. If you’re not in trouble though, burning your Cloak out, then using a Smoke Bomb to give you more time against the turret and to regen cloak can give you a takedown that wouldn’t have been possible if they were un-leveled. After that, take some points in Defense, with at least one point in Super Jump to keep the cooldown low. Again, escape options, even if you can’t get out of the line of fire but just to keep your distance. Grapples are your enemy.

Opening game:
Start off in the jungle for the first few minutes if you can. Get some early XP and harass the other pros to help the lane push. Don’t overcommit by jumping into the fray to get a few blade hits in, just stick with shurikens and watch your back. Keep an eye on the annihilator and wait until you’re Offense 3 before you commit hard to breaking turrets.

Turret breaking:
Once you hit Offense 3, pay strict attention to the lane map. Any time you see a turret without its protection, travel to that turret and continuously harass it. Always pay complete attention to both your cloak and your surroundings. It doesn’t take that much focus to blade a turret to death, so just keep an eye out for any pros nearby. Generally you’ll be unspottable from long distances, but pros respawning might be able to see you easy, so remain nervous at all times. Once your cloak is about to run out, evaluate; now that you’ve hit the turret, turret protection won’t come back for a while. Either smoke bomb and continue to hit the turret, or get out and wait a couple of seconds to recharge your cloak.

If all turrets are shielded up, stay mobile. Push lanes and help out with ganks. Most of your time should be spent in the jungle so keep an eye on that Annihilator. Gank anybody who sets foot in the Jungle at the wrong time. Your cloak allows you to remove bot aggro, and effectively redirect it to anybody else nearby, so when Grapplers start coming around, take advantage of that nuance.

End Game:
If you knocked your opponent’s turrets down faster than yours have gone down, you should have a good XP lead. When the moneyball goes down, your role shifts. Take down anyone who is trying to shut down a moneyball assault, and pick up any coin spread from the mayhem. Tap the moneyball judiciously; other classes are better at breaking the moneyball than you are, and with your enemy’s focus on those people, feel free to distract and harass as many people as possible. If you have four people chasing you while everyone else is firing at the moneyball, you’re doing a good job. Feel free to die at this point if its for a good cause. You have been avoiding death up to this point, correct?

Regular skill build:
1 Offense
2 Super Jump
3 Smoke Bomb
4 Offense
5 Cloak
6 Defense
7 Smoke Bomb
8 Offense
9 Cloak
10 Defense
11 Defense
12 Smoke Bomb
13 Cloak
14 Super Jump
15 Super Jump

As always, builds vary due to situations and compositions. Feel free to take Defense earlier if necessary, and if you’re comfortable with Super Jump 1’s long cooldown, skip it for something else. Cloak is definitely not necessary in the early game, so only start picking it up around 5 or 6 when you might be over the line or when you have trouble in the Jungle. Smoke Bomb is your pure utility. Smoke Bomb 3 feels right on time for me, but take it to 4 earlier if you need to.

Primary Endo is the Bacon Health Regen. With its secondary being a Extra Skill Regen and tertiary being Regular Speed, it fully complements the Assassin and keeps you at top speed with anyone not packing custom Endos. If uncomfortable, change some of those endos to Ultra or Bacon Skill Regen instead (Bacon if you really want the Speed bonus). Assuming Rate of Fire Endos effect melee (they probably do, haven’t tested), switch some Mega RoFs in for higher DPS during turret breaks.

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