Super MNC Tank Guide

Super MNC Tank Guide by Gray Fox

Buy Pattern: Going for passive offense as a priority, picking up charge for the cooldown and product grenade. If your start is healthy, go for charge 2 before product 2. If you’re feelin the pressure, better take product 2 for more ranged capability. Defense 2 is bought if you need the healing to stay on the front lines (which tank doesn’t run into too much since he’s got good health regen), otherwise you buy it after you put a skill to rank 2. After that, you’re upping your passive offense, product nade, defense in that priority order. You can get charge more instead of product if you’re feeling ballsy, but I like my level 3 blind. Buy a shield 2 early if you’re feeling like you’re ahead, plus the cooldown drop is nice. When tank buys shield and defense is a bit situational and based on what you’re fighting, but shield generally stagnates till the end levels (your final 2 purchases almost all the time).

Shield is strong early game and OK mid game if you keep up with it / use it wisely. End game it starts getting a bit poopy.

Product nade is great for killing bots at level 4, but the instant damage and blinding effect is STUPENDOUS for fighting players. I generally don’t lead with it or use it at the beginning of a fight unless I’m in danger (DANGAZONE). I prefer to use it towards the end of a flight, on fleeing targets, or when I feel a damage burst is most appropiate. Keep your opponents unaware of your damage potential.

Charge is great, and mainly for mobility. You can still find E+M2 moments, and they are delicious, but focus on using it to get around. Remember churros. Charge helps you avoid grapples, and can save your life in doing so. It is more effective on Untitled than Loco Moco due to the curvy map design and sudden drops.

Railgun. Damage feels balanced. Good output, but turns to crap if you miss. Aim is rewarded, and range is appropriate. Use it to poke people in your lanes and pressure some people into backing off. If you’re looking to ambush, don’t use it until proper range, and don’t open up with it unless you have some other skills handy (like charge to close the distance. Long story short, don’t be a git and ruin your own ambush.

Jetgun. The damage is mostly proper, but people underestimate the hell out of Death Blossom. The giant clip size is great, as you don’t waste time in prolonged fights reloading – same with bot killing. Poke anyone with fire any chance you get, unless you’re trying to stay covert because you’re low health or something. The reach is also underestimated. Low ping is a great help, high ping is a great piss.

Death Blossom. Oh yeah, Death Blossom. People don’t know what they’re getting into. Dude comes up a Jumppad? Death Blossom. Enemy all over the Anni? Death Blossom. Too lazy to finish off the last bit of that bot’s HP? Death Blossom. The main thing is to understand it’s use when juiced. Spin2Win juice is good, but your railgun is great for when they get away, and your steady stream does more DPS. The main thing about Death Blossom is Burst damage. You’ll be coupling this is charge, Product Grenade, and switching to your Railgun. People don’t know what hell you can dish out if you pop everything.


I can’t stress how incredibly important this is, especially in team fights. Especially because your grapple does knockback and high damage. Especially because you can juke a player that’s coming at you. You know the enemy is coming at you for a grapple, you can see it in their beady little eyes. Wait till they get close, Death Blossom burst damage, SWITCH TO YOUR RAILGUN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DEATH BLOSSOM, Grapple them as you come out of the Death Blossom because you have lower ping and they’re on cooldown, add more burst and unavoidable damage, use the railgun and cooldowns for the rest of the fight. Even better in team fights, and reload your Jetgun if you get the chance to take cover, or he isn’t going anywhere.

Play Tank at low ping. Avoid tank at high ping. Sorry, that’s just how class design effects this guy. You can’t play Tank effectively at 150+ ping. Tough deal.

Start of the Game:

Do you have a healer? Yes.

Hold your lane, switch every now and then. Don’t worry about money, Tank never gets the first Annihilator, leave it for the squishy people like CombatGirl who can fortify before she starts pressing (be effective while activating). Build your juice for the annihilator fight. You’re a big fatty who’s shield is strongest at the beginning of the game. Make use of it. Pick up armour and churros so you can get beat on more unless your healer (who will not always be in your lane) or someone really needs them, pester the living hell out of the enemy. Set people on fire as often as possible – they aren’t rich enough to buy too much Regenitol, they want money for the Anni, and they’re fragile little chubby cheeked pricks at the start of the game that keep poking you with bullets. DENY THEM HEALTH REGENERATION. THEY DO NOT DESERVE IT.

Anni comes up, your sheer presence should make the enemy **** their pants and flee the scene. If they don’t, use your wonderful ability of standing behind a wall like a complete jackass while shooting fire to scare them off on Untitled. On both maps, laugh like an enraged demigod toying with mortals as you activate shield and juice and blast the enemy to hell with your teammates following you to assist (You can’t always go in alone).

I cannot express to you how often you’re just going to poke people with fire from an angle you can safely tuck back into and not take damage while you piss them off. Piss everyone off. Once you’re around mid game, you pretty much go wherever the hell you want. You’ll find yourself in the jungle doing ambushes more than you think. The tank can hold a lane great, but he doesn’t have to be there, he can ambush if you got the right sense to do it and your lane isn’t in jeopardy.

Piss everyone off with your antics. No really, piss the entire enemy team off. It’s best if they go for you instead of the other guys, and angry players play worse on average. Just poke them as much as you possibly can and in the most infuriating ways. Tank is generally an easy guy to feed if you ask me, so you’ll be finding yourself with a steady level advantage (1 or 2 levels) on at least a few enemies if you didn’t screw up in the beginning of the game. If tank falls behind, he relies on taking hits, hiding, and healing for juice to catch back up. Tank’s main way of actually getting back into the game involves surprise buttsecks juicing some people. You could say that to an extent about a lot of classes. You do not hear footsteps in this game. You underestimate how much the Tank can ambush.

You are the tank. You like compliments, and you hate lucky punks. You’ve had a hard life, and someone’s gonna pay for it.

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