Super MNC Assassin Backdoor Guide

Super MNC Assassin Backdoor Guide by Arseface

The Backdoor Assassin: Going Commando
Easier than putting on undergarments.

Early game, Pre-Thing.
Backdoor the entire time if able.

Backdooring at this stage of the game will not win your team any turrets unless the opponent is a bunch of derps. What it gets you is levels and money. Slims and pickups should net you around $1000 by the first annihilator.

If you get interrupted, escape to the jungle. Kill a bot or two, help your team out in the other lane for a bit, then go back.

First Fight over The Thing.

You have two choices depending on where you stand.
Push the lane if you don’t have the money.
Push the button if you do.
Plain and simple. You won’t be much of a help in a direct fight at this stage. You’re better of going after a turret for early team cash. You’re also one of the few people that likely has money, so if you do have it, use it.

Mid Game, after The Thing.
If your team got the thing, it’s time to turret dive. Drop down on those little pests when they start to run. Kill the jungle bots when you see them, and keep aware of where the enemy is so that you know when to strike. Feed off them.

If you didn’t get the thing, go back to backdooring. They’ll be up towards your base, not in theirs, farm the steady stream of money and hope your team can break out. Tell your team the lane you’re backdooring so that they know which side to push.

Late Game, Level 10+
At this point you need to push directly. You have the katana and skills, and that means you can win in head-on fights. Stay with your team unless they get stuck in the base, then head to mid and try to squeeze a bot wave through to the turrets to drive them back.

Play as you would any other pro at this point.

Passives first
Smokebomb/Cloak/Fart evenly in this priority

Smokebomb needs a short cooldown because that’s how you kill people. Cloaking for longer durations means you can dive deeper. It really pays off sometimes. Farting is important, but the cooldown isn’t as important here. Deserves to get upgraded, but after the other two.

How to Kill Effectively Mid-Late
You kill people at half health or lower unless you have juice.
If your get the jump on them, grapple, jump, smoke at chest level, swing till dead. Lunge around them to block escape paths if needed, grapple a second time if it lasts this long(it never does).

If you don’t get the jump on them. Smokebomb, swing. Do not grapple in this case. You’ll not land the back grapple and you’ll put yourself right in their sights. Circlestrafe the little buggers till they’re dead.

A note about fat men. You can balance on their heads. Swing away while you can at them and make sure that you fall off behind them for a grapple. Works great with smokebomb since it’s disorienting as balls for them.

Shuriken anything that isn’t at melee and grapple for circle jerks as per usual.

PS: This is one way to play assassin. Other ways work, this is just how I’ve been not sucking recently as sin. K/D>1 most games, top bot kills often, generally strong feeling late game. Recordings will come when we get replay capability.

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