Super MNC Captain Spark Guide

Super MNC Captain Spark Guide by EmBox

1.1 Introduction To Captain Spark
1.2 Your Weapons and Skills
1.3 Recommended Products
1.4 Recommended Endorsements
1.5 Recommended Skill Orders
2.1 Early Game
2.2 Mid Game
2.3 Late Game
3.1 VS Other Pros
3.2 Additional Tips
3.3. Gameplay Videos

1.1 Introduction To Captain Spark

Captain Spark is a Commando who’s current focus is having a high DPS and easy escape methods. He is a great Bot killer and is great at picking off unaware Pros, he can work very well with a team being able to instantly appear when needed to help out, he can kick people in to the line of sight of your team and he can slow and blind multiple enemy Pros to help team members get kills or avoid dying.
He is weak versus Turrets, Enforcers other Commandoes, slows, stuns, blinds and a tightly knit team.
He works best when you learn to pick your fights. If you don’t want to fight someone then just run away. If you see a good opportunity then go for it.

1.2 Your Weapons and Skills

His two weapons are the Voltage Spike and the Ray Gun.
The Voltage Spike is his melee weapon primary that deals two hits per swing. It deals out a high DPS on its own and hits in an AOE arc like other melee weapons. When you hit bots, pros or use a skill it charges up. After 3 charges he can use the alt fire which shoots out 3 projectiles that do high damage, especially when all 3 hit the same target.

Voltage Spike is best used when starting an engagement at close range. Jump and Dive around an enemy pro to avoid getting grappled all while swinging away madly.

It’s also useful for forcing an enemy in to complete disarray. If you see someone in a fire fight then hop down and whack at the enemy a few times and escape. He’ll start to panic and change his focus to you but you’ll be gone.

Using the Alt Fire while attacking a moving enemy pro can be difficult due to a lot of visual noise. You can use the enemy pro’s health bar above their head to pinpoint their location and connect every shot. I mostly use the alt fire to take down bots. Reload key with it to Dive.

The Ray Gun is Captain Spark’s ranged weapon. It fires off 10 projectiles that have no damage fall-off. It’s perfect for tagging bots, killing turrets and dealing some moderate damage to anything from a range. I don’t recommend standing still for 1 minute peppering a camping position with it just to get one kill, but if someone’s getting away with 200 HP then go for it.
It has a small AOE so it can be used for dealing with clusters of bots far away or safely taking care of Combat Kitties that have been poorly placed.
Alt fire is your grapple.

Captain Spark has 3 skills. Arc Flash, Flipswitch and Megahurtz.

Arc Flash is Captain Spark’s #1 Skill and should be your priority for leveling. What it is is an instant teleport that allows you to get you closer to Pros and surprise them, used to escape doom by putting distance and walls between you and your attacker, get around faster and get you in to the Jungle early game. It leaves a visual effect behind the points to where you teleported, so people can still pursue you.

Flipswitch is a grapple that deals a bit of damage and displaces the target. It’s the lowest priority skill as it shouldn’t be used much, although its’ use makes the difference between a good Spark and a bad Spark. If you only use it to ring people out who stray next to an edge then you are using it poorly. It can be used to stop someone from escaping. Dive in to them and Flipswitch them behind you. Cutting them off.
You can also use it to toss an enemy in to the path of your team mates.
It isn’t a bad idea to ring people out with it but if you spend the entirety of your game waiting for opportunities like this then stop playing Spark.

Megahurtz can be used beautifully with everything else in your arsenal. It blinds pros and slows them while dealing a bit of damage. It also does more damage to shields, almost draining them completely from full.
It can be used to simply disorient people, finish people off who are about to escape, slow them down so you can attack them easier, make them easier to grapple and generally piss people off.
I find using it on large groups of people and running away discourages them from pushing, or simply popping it on someone solo pushing that you probably wont be able to kill to make them retreat. (I’ve done this several times and it is quite effective at stopping a push temporarily.)

1.3 Recommended Products

Hot Hands because you have two grapples.
Money Magnet because it’s useful.
Inspire because you should be getting a lot of kills.
Death Dodger, it’ll save your ass more times than you can count.
Massive Air so you can jumpy slicey a lot more.

1.4 Recommended Endorsements

Babby’s first Spark. Cheap and only gives you Skill Regen

This is the cheapest you should go for any well rounded Spark Endo Build. Great for new Sparks with a bit of practise.

Average Spark Build. I recommend something like this for you rising Sparks. Focusses on primarily Skill Regen and Rate of fire.

Expensive Bacon Build focussing on Skill Regen, Rate of Fire, slightly increased Health, Clip Size and Critical Damage.

This build is a very powerful one. What it gives you is close to max critical damage, close to max fire-rate, close to max health, half full magazine-size and almost half full skill regen. I recommend this build.

1.5 Recommended Skill Orders

Arc Flash
Mega Hurtz
Arc Flash
Arc Flash
Mega Hurtz
Mega Hurtz
Flip Switch
Flip Switch
Flip Switch

This skill build order ensures that you’re dealing out good raw damage and able to soak up some damage. Arc Flash makes you more mobile. Recommended for beginners.

Arc Flash
Mega Hurtz
Arc Flash
Mega Hurtz
Save a skill point.
Arc Flash – Maxed + Megahurtz – Maxed
Offense – Maxed
Defense – Maxed
Flipswitch – Maxed

The Glass Cannon Spark. You rely entirely on mobility, slows, blinds and DPS from your weapons. Recommended for intermediate Sparks. (I use this.)

2.1 Early Game

If there’s shield armor being dished out by a CG then grab some of that. Arc Flash in to the Jungle. Your main priority here is to steal that first Gremlin kill and if there’s another Pro up here, killing them. It’s dangerous to engage 1v1 or 1v2 but if you have a team mate with you it should be easy. It’s ALWAYS better to engage someone when they’re unaware of you.
If you have control of the Jungle then just shoot at Pros and Bots from above. If you don’t have control of the Jungle, shoot at Pros and Bots from below.
Your main priority is to be swapping through the Jungle and Lanes maximizing how many Bot Kills you get. Maybe grab a quick and easy kill or assist to help you. First blood is also a desirable target.
This is also when I will introduce a good mind set for Spark. Neutral Spark or Kill Spark.

As Neutral Spark you should run away from everyone and just be trying to get as many bot kills as possible. You should also be using Megahurtz to annoy the crap out of the enemy team which hurts their push. Most importantly however you MUST be aware of the position of the enemy team at all times. This is not just so you don’t get ganked but so you know when to switch in to Kill Spark Mode. The most offensive play you should do on an enemy player is Flipswitching them in to danger or wailing on someone who overextended and is being grappled by a team member.

Kill Spark is when you see the opportunity to get a kill. The best way to get a kill is to teleport in or drop down on someone who is vulnerable to quick death, and getting the kill. Whether it be them retreating to get health or someone standing too close to an edge. Or just get close and use the pro-as-heck Jump and M1 around them. M1 to damage and jump to make it harder to hit/grapple you.
You find a way to them and you kill them. After you’ve got your kill do not hang around unless there’s another opportunity to get an easy kill, if not, escape by all means necessary.

Both of these ways to play Spark combined means you’re less likely to die and more likely to not be underleveled, and more likely to overlevel.

In early game you should be in Neutral Spark mode.

When the first annihilator comes around you desperately need to rely on your team. If several of the enemy team is up there then you wont be able to do anything. Even kicking someone off the edge in Loco Moco is a terrible idea. Especially if any enemy turrets are up.
You need to wait for an opportunity. These opportunities could be if your team has an enemy player grappled. You run over and DPS the hell out of him and he’ll be dead in seconds. You could wait for one of the enemy team members to be separated and you swoop down confirming a kill or softening him up for your team. You could just get behind the enemy team and stun them while softening them up with the Ray Gun. If there’s only two people on Loco Moco up there then you can just Flipswitch one off and quickly engage the other one to try and force him off too. You’d have to be quick though.
You’re not the best presence in an annihilator fight but you’re certainly able to help.

2.2 Mid Game

If you’ve been playing as I have told you then you should be appropriately leveled and keeping up with the flow of the game, if not ahead of the flow. Mid-game/late-game Spark becomes slightly easier because you’re more mobile and able to do more damage to pros and bots.

Irregardless if your team is pushing or the enemy team is pushing you should be swapping between Neutral Spark and Kill Spark regularly because you’ll be able to deal quick damage, move around quickly and escape frequently.
Help your team push lanes by just being a general nuisance to the enemy team by harassing them, ganking them while they’re on low health, blinding/stunning them, taking out their bots swiftly.

Another thing to note is you don’t have to rely on your team quite as much any more to get kills/assists. Infact at this point you should be confirming ganks or setting people up for ganks.

Also remember you’re not invincible and should avoid Combat Girls and Supports at all cost. A single Kitty can do some serious damage if you let it so it’s best just to ignore them or pick them off one at a time.
Unless the Support/CG are alone without a turret then just go for it. It should be an easy kill.

Mid-game is somewhat simple for Captain Spark. You should still be hanging around the Jungle, killing bots, moving around and pissing anyone off who isn’t the same colour as you.

2.3 Late Game

If you have played like the above thus far then you will be keeping up with levels. Whether it be from bot kills or pro kills.

If your team is getting pushed back in to your base what you need to do is hang behind the enemy team and kill their bots from right under their noses. What you can do is limit their pushing power and possibly pull them away to come and deal with you while your team makes an effort in pushing back. Also make an attempt to spawn Bouncers behind them so they get attacked from all sides. Even the most overleveled pros can’t survive a good old fashion ambush. (Especially with you being able to chase them down.)
You can also confirm kills on enemy pros who overextend and retreat.
This gets more difficult depending on if the enemy team has a Commando/Assault or not.
The above applies if somehow both teams are stuck trying to push past the mid lanes.

If your team is winning and keeping the enemy inside their base then your opportunities begin to dry out. So what can you do at this point?

Camp their bot spawners and keep farming bots to get money and experience to stay ahead of the game. When you have enough money, spawn Fujis/Scramblers and Bouncers to push.

Also stay aware of enemy players. You could either get killed or more importantly get a kill/assist. Whether it be attacking someone who has overextended or someone who is retreating back to spawn with a scratch of health left. They’re your best opportunities for kills.

Lastly when you get a safe moment, and it’s possible to do so; stand out of the range of their turrets and just pepper away at them with your Ray-Gun.
Same goes for when their Money Ball goes down. If you shoot it every now and then it’ll reset its’ timer.

VS Other Pros


An Assault is a dangerous target if he’s good.
If the Assault knows you’re coming or is aware that you could attack then don’t bother unless he’s almost dead. A good Assault will be able to headcrab you and shoot you with ease.
How do you kill an Assault then? Try and approach him without using Arc Flash and without him noticing you and start DPSing him with the Voltage Spike while jumping around him. If you can consistently keep up your DPS and Alt Fire he wont be able to fly away. (Voltage Spike’s alt fire turns off the Assault’s fly.)

When he tries to escape using his charge ability you can Arc Flash after him or use Megahurtz to stun and slow him down and catch up. If you get hit by his charge then it’s best just to retreat because that’ll take quite a lot of damage from you and send you a considerably large distance away.

Another thing that can help in the long run is if the Assault is trying to Jungle early then force him out of it or steal his Gremlin kills. Early game Assaults are trying to maximize their bot kills like you. Try and deny him that.


Gunners can be tough or easy enemies. They output an incredible DPS at close range which makes them tough. They also have a large health pool to go with it.
What you want to do is exploit the fact that they’re the least mobile Pro in the game.

What do you do to fight one then?

If he’s retreating due to low health then chase after him and confirm a kill. He’s a sitting duck if he’s low on health without a healer or a coordinated team.

When his attention is focused elsewhere get in behind him and start DPSing him while jumping about. It’ll make you harder to hit and there’s a chance he’ll miss if he slams.

If he’s deployed then get behind him and whack at him. He’ll take a few seconds to realize he’s losing health rapidly due to being in first person. When he un-deploys get ready for an inevitable slam.

Also most Gunners hover in the air for a bit before slamming, keep that in mind.

That’s all there is to it really. Stay out of his line-of-sight, dodge slams and jump around him to make aiming at you hard.

Tanks are like Gunners except they are limited to only close range DPS and can move a lot faster. I don’t really recommend attacking a Tank unless he’s running away at the incredibly low health..
A direct hit from his charge and death blossom can kill you easily so if you do go chasing him, make sure he’s unaware of you. Grappling works well here.

Supports are easy kills or easy deaths.

If he’s protected by either his Firebase, a turret or his team then it’s probably best to ignore him. If he’s on low health you can dive in and try to score an easy, quick kill and get out with Arc Flash before his Firebase completely destroys you.
If he’s alone and not protected then he’s a very easy kill – just look out for that air strike he might try and stick to you.

Also, if there’s ever a Support pocketing an Enforcer he’ll probably be stood behind the Enforcer. What you want to do is attack the Support while his Enforcer buddy is distracted.


Defending yourself against an Assassin is simple. Don’t let her grapple your back. You out-DPS her any day and you have superior mobility.
Get creative, use your raw DPS and mobility to chase her down and kill her. Also, because she’ll be grappling a lot that means she’ll slow down and stop moving. This gives you lots of time to Voltage Spike her and then follow up with the Ray Gun’s grapple.

A good Sniper will be camping in an area covered with ice traps. A good Sniper will be able to headshot you if you leave cover for just a second. A good Sniper will probably spend a lot of his game trying to keep an eye out for you. A smart Sniper wont leave the cover of his Turrets.

He’s just as squishy as you and is quite an easy kill if you catch him in the open. He is, of course, deadly at range and so if you’re going to attack him use the Jungle to get closer safely and Arc Flash behind the tunnel sighted camper.
Apart from the moments when he’s not being covered by turrets or team mates there isn’t much you can do apart from annoy him. He can do more damage to you at range.

If you can safely get close however then you’ll be able to kill him without any trouble (provided you don’t get stuck in a trap.)

Combat Girl
A Combat Girl is similar to Support. However it’s more dangerous to attack a Combat Girl guarded by 4 Kitties as she can just boost them and destroy your Super Ass in mere seconds. Her grapple does decent damage too so watch out for that.

The best time to attack a Combat Girl is when she’s away from her Kitties or only being guarded by one.
Another good tactic is to just use your Ray Gun to pick off Kitties one by one. Or 4 at once if she has idioticly clumped them in the same place. Then the Combat Girl is ripe for the picking.

It’s advisable to avoid Veterans due to their ability to chain grapple you on their own. He also shares the title of having the highest Health alongside the Tank. I recommend just waiting till he’s on low Health. Otherwise just harass him with the Ray Gun at most.

If you feel brave though you can try and Voltage Spike him to death while jumping around; atleast that’s if he’s trying to grapple. If he actually attacks back then you should probably retreat.

Gun Slinger
Gun Slingers can be very deadly if you’re not careful, but the same goes for them when it comes to Captain Spark. Stay out her line of sight and ambush her with the Voltage Spike. When she uses knee-capper (She’ll use knee-capper. They always do.) Then just pop your Megahurtz and finish her off or retreat and just fire at her with the ray gun.

If she sees you coming and has a good aim then don’t even bother. She’ll headshot you, kneecap you then gun flurry you. Ding, a dead Captain Spark.

Karl can escape from you with his Prop Hop so if you’re going to hit him, hit him hard and hit him fast. His bouncing buddies wont be a problem if you keep moving and neither will the Handler. Just be wary of his Short Circuit which will stun you leaving you open to a quick death. His Juniors can also be deadly if you walk in to a group of them.
That’s just common knowledge for fighting a Karl though.

With Cheston’s recent health nerf he has become a little less dangerous, but can still “go ape” on you. (olol). He still outputs the same damage but just doesn’t survive as well.
It’s better to try and intercept his path when on low health because he is still very mobile and can escape you with his Roar, Rampage and Dive.
As usual make sure they don’t know you’re coming.
Also keep a sharp eye out for those bananas and start jumping over those flaming barrels!

Captain Spark
When it comes to fighting another Captain Spark it will just comes down to who’s the better shot, who’s got a better strategy, who is a higher level and who has a better team.

Before Wascot got fixed he wasn’t as much of a threat. Now he’s a foe to be wary of.
It’s better to avoid a Wascot in a 1v1 confrontation, keep him out of melee range and retreat to team mates.
Even if it’s a 2v1 he can still kill you and escape with most of his health left depending on who your team mate is. The best way to kill a Wascot is to make him suicide by either leading him in to your team or in range of a turret.
Also be wary of his Crook Hook. If you get hit by it you’ll be stunned for a good few seconds and you’re probably going to die. In the off chance you do get an opportunity to escape then run the hell out of there.
In short, Wascot can and will demolish you.


Some Captain Spark gameplay. The other team wasn’t sublime so I was fed like a king. Also I might re-render it, re-upload it and add annotations later.

Captain Spark Gameplay AND Guide on Downtown Spunky Arena. It’s mostly about learning terrain and ways for you to be useful.

Gameplay of how you can slow down a team who are winning. If my team worked better as a team we’d probably have been able to push them back.

Random Tips

– Movement is key! Run around as much as you can and make sure no-one can hit you or keep up with you.

– Jump after diving and you’ll sometimes maintain speed from the dive, sending you flying forward in the air.

– Dive off edges to boost yourself as well, you’ll maintain speed from the dive as long as you’re in the air.

– Be careful with the Ray Gun at low health, its’ splash damage can kill you! (Yikes, that would be embarrassing)

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